Stereotypy o Anglii: prawda czy fikcja?


Stereotypes about England usually refer to cups of tea, fish and chips, rainy weather and endless lines. However, there are many more things to see on this famous island. For those planning to come to England or attend an English course at one of our schools in England , here are some interesting facts.

1. People

In each country, its inhabitants matter the most. Overall, England is a very cultured and politically correct nation where it is important not to offend anyone. In general, crowds and tourists are accepted here. In England, there is a clear divide between the north and the south of the country. The most common negative stereotype relates to Londoners themselves, who are blamed for being too rushed and unwilling to make any contacts. Northerners, on the other hand, are considered polite and more relaxed.

2. Transport

England is largely made famous by the London Underground and red double-decker buses that run through the city day and night. London is very proud of its public transport and the many connections it offers in the city center. If you are the driver, keep left; if you use public transport, remember that skipping the line is not allowed! On the escalator, if you only intend to stand, choose the right side.

Tip: If you are 16-25, it is worth investing in a Young Persons Railcard. For just £ 26 a year you can get a 34% discount on all rail connections in the country - all the more attractive if you travel frequently by train.

3. Conversations

In their conversations, the English are often reserved and reserved, so as not to violate anyone's privacy. They avoid questions about age, weight, profession or marital status. Of course, the most common topic for starting a conversation is the weather.

4. Climate

If the first picture that came to your mind was rain - we are not surprised! The biggest stereotype about English weather, however, is a bit exaggerated. Temperatures here are generally very average - not too high or too low, and rains usually appear in spring and autumn. The real thing in the stereotype is the changing nature of English weather - one day it can be sunny and the next it can snow!

5. Food and drinks

The most common thoughts about English food are fried breakfasts and fish and chips - for good reason! However, it must not be forgotten that England is an enormous mixture of cultures and the food available (from roast to curry) definitely reflects this. England is also the cradle of sandwiches - thanks to a certain Earl of Sandwich, who in 1762 came up with the concept. When it comes to drinks, the English are very proud of their tea (usually with the addition of milk and sugar) and alcohol - especially ale or cider. The most popular drink on summer barbecues is Pimms, a special liqueur with fruit.

6. Humor

England is also famous for its humor - sarcastic and self-directed! The English can laugh at themselves and they make great use of it for comedy. Although this humor is very specific, it can be excellent, especially when the best artists are involved in its creation. Several well-known examples of media success is the ' Flying Circus Monty Python' Hotek Zacisze ',' What will people say? ' and 'Black Viper'.

The performances (monologues) of famous comedians are equally popular in England and attract huge crowds. The Comedy Club, located in London's Leicester Square, is a true cradle of talent

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