Alpadia Summer Camps in Germany

Germany is a country known for its innovation, hardworking attitude, and enviable forests and countryside that look as though they grew straight out of a fairytale. With that being said, we couldn’t think of a better country to host some of Alpadia’s best summer camps for juniors. Your students will be able to improve their German and English skills while exploring this wonderful country and having the summer of a lifetime. 

We have four summer camps on offer, so your students can choose one that best suits them and their language goals. Each camp includes a social program filled with fun activities such as sports, arts and crafts, disco and movie nights, as well as trips to local landmarks and attractions.  

But which summer camp should they choose? It’s time to go through them individually to find out why each is a great place to study. 


Located on the banks of Lake Werbellinsee, this summer camp is perfect for students who want to spend the summer surrounded by nature while enjoying water-sports, indoor sports, and lots of fun games. There’s even the opportunity to explore the nearby capital of Berlin, where students can learn more about the country’s history and culture. 

Just when you think this camp couldn’t get any better, it’s also our only camp that teaches both German and English, making it perfect for both international students who want to learn German in a native country, as well as locals who want their children to learn English close to home. 

Want to learn more about our Berlin-Werbellinsee camp? Check out our webpage here


This summer camp is also based near Berlin and by the sandy shores of Lake Wannsee, a popular destination for Berlin locals who want to get away from the city and connect with nature. Not only will your students enjoy all the water-sports available by the lake, but they will also enjoy trips to Tropical Island Aquapark, Potsdam, Berlin Wall, East-Side Gallery, and other famous landmarks in Berlin. 

If you think your students would like to learn German in a location that combines nature with modernity, in a school that boasts a terrace and garden, then find out more here


Encourage your students to take a step back in time when they study at our Frankfurt-Lahntal summer camp. Located about an hour outside of the city of Frankfurt in the Valley of Lahntal, this camp is surrounded by castles, cathedrals, churches and other landmarks that date back to the Celtic and Roman eras – all just waiting to be explored. Your students won’t just learn German, they’ll also get to explore the history of the local area. 

In addition to this, your students can also expect some fun trips to amusement parks as well as Cologne and Frankfurt city center. Want to learn more about why our summer camp in Frankfurt-Lahntal is great? Click here


Finally, there’s our Freiburg summer camp – situated just 20 minutes from the city center and on the edge of the famous Black Forest. Studying here means learning in an excellent facility complete with a games room and plenty of outdoor space, perfect for relaxing with friends. Students also have access to a nearby sports center with a swimming pool, football pitch, volleyball and basketball courts – so it’s sure to be an active summer! They can also enjoy trips to explore Freiburg center, Steinwasen Park, Tierpark Mundenhof and more. 

Want to make sure that your students have a summer to remember? Check out our website today. 

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