5 reasons why London is a great place for students aged 30+

The English city of London is known across the world for being a bustling hub of entertainment, trendy bars, and the playground of the rich and famous. It’s where the coolest of the pack set up camp, and where many young people flock after university in the hopes that they too might one day be included amongst their number. 

But there is so much more to the UK’s capital city than just the glitz and glamor that attracts young adults – it’s also a city with a fascinating history and rich culture, where some of the best museums and eateries in the world call home. London is a city that’s exciting for everyone – and with so much on offer, it’s the perfect place for students aged 30+ to learn English. 

Luckily, Kaplan has a school in London exclusively for students aged 30+. Here’s five reasons why you should study there: 

London 30+
  1. Central location 


With a campus based in London Bridge, you’ll be able to benefit from studying in a central location, where Borough Market and Shoreditch are both within walking distance… ideal for drinks or grabbing something delicious to eat in between classes! Is there anywhere better to practice your English outside of a classroom than in a cocktail bar? 


  1. Iconic landmarks  


Another plus of being based in the city center is easy access to some of the city’s most iconic landmarks, with Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, the Natural History Museum, and the Tate Modern are all just a short bus/train/tube ride away. In London, you’ll never be short of things to do! 


  1. Learn with likeminded students 


Studying in a school that’s for students aged 30+ only, allows you to work alongside and bond with likeminded students. The school itself also provides a social program that offers you the chance to form connections with classmates from across the world, all while you explore the city together. 


  1. Modern facilities  


When learning English abroad, you want to be certain that your place of study reflects the price you’ve paid. With our London Bridge location, you’ll benefit from modern classrooms – all complete with interactive whiteboards – and dedicated study areas exclusive for our 30+ students.  


  1. Great transport links 


London isn’t the only great city in the UK – but it is one of the best connected. On the weekends, you’ll be able to easily explore other places such as Cambridge, Bath or even Edinburgh, thanks to the city’s great train, coach, and airport links. Our Kaplan school is there to help if you need any guidance. Make sure you get the most out of your stay! 


Want to learn more about our 30+ school in London? Visit our webpage here 

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