Love Idioms

Being in love is an incredible feeling and something worth talking about! The English language has many love idioms. These idioms often show the positive and negative sides of being in love. After all, sometimes love hurts!

Have a look at our fun love idioms illustration! Discover how you can talk about love in everyday conversation. Learn how to use these love idioms in everyday conversation by checking out the example sentences below the graphic.

love idioms

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How to use these love idioms:

Double date: “Hazel and Matthew went on a double date with John and Mary to their local Italian restaurant.”
Match made in heaven: “Balint and Nora are really well suited. They are a match made in heaven.”
On the rocks: “Philippa and David are not talking to each other. I think their relationship is on the rocks.”
Puppy love “I had my first girlfriend when I was 12. It was just puppy love.”
Head over heels: “I have never seen Andre so happy. He is head over heels in love with his new girlfriend.”
Lovey-dovey: “Mary and Tony are always holding hands and kissing in public. They are so lovey-dovey.”
Love rat: “Mik had an affair with his wife’s best friend. He is such a love rat.”
Have the hots: “I have the hots for my neighbor. I am going to ask them out on a date”

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