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Travel Idioms

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17 December 2020
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Regardless of the time of year, we always encourage our students to venture outside of the classroom to not only explore their destination, but to test their English with the native speakers! When you’re learning English, you’re sure to come across these idioms in every day conversation. And you’d be surprised how many idioms involve forms of transportation, from trains to cars and boats.

Take a look and see which ones you’ve seen before and which ones are entirely new to you, then challenge yourself to incorporate them into your every day English. Have you seen any of these before? 


1. At a crossroads

Meaning: a situation that requires someone to make an important choice

Example: "I'm at a crossroads, I don't know if should go to college now or next year."


2. Circle the wagons

Meaning: to provide cover under attack, especially against criticism.

Example: "It's going to be a hard year, but if we rally together and circle the wagons, I think we'll be okay." 


"We're at a crossroads trying to pick somewhere to eat."
"We're at a crossroads trying to pick somewhere to eat."


3. In the driver's seat

Meaning: being in control of a situation, just like you would be if you were driving a car

Example: "I'm not worried about it, I'm in the driver's seat."


4. In the same boad

Meaning: to be the same situation as someone else.

Example: "I don't know why you're worried about the exam Harry, we're all in the same boat."



5. Put the brakes on

Meaning: to cause someone to stop doing something

Example: "He wanted to go on the second date straight away, so I had to put the brakes on." 


6. Ship has sailed

Meaning: the opportunity to do something has passed.

Example: "You should have applied for the job before it closed. You can't now, the ship has sailed."


7. Train of thought 

Meaning: a series of similar thoughts or connected ideas

Example: "I was in the middle of saying something then got distracted- now I've lost my train of thought."


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