Most Common Irregular Verbs and How to Use Them

The English language has many irregular verbs, and though they're complicated to learn, they're actually more common than most regular verbs. While the 10 most used verbs in the English language are all irregular, irregular verbs are actually only 3% of all verbs in the English language.

What do you think are the most common verbs in English? Think about the verbs you use most often, either in English or in your native language. Here are the top 10 most used irregular verbs:


Irregular Verb #1 To be

Simple present: I am, you are, we are, he/she is, they are

Simple past: was, were

Past participle: had, have been

I am tired; You were late; I have been waiting for you.


Irregular Verb #2 To have

Simple present: I have, you have, we have, he/she has, they have

Simple past: had

Past participle: had

I have a horse; I had a horse; I'd had a horse


Irregular Verb #3 To do

Simple present: I do, you do, we do, he/she does, they do

Simple past: did

Past participle: have/had done

Do your job; I did my job; You had done your job


Irregular Verb #4 To go

Simple present: I go, you go, we go, he/she goes, they go

Simple past: went

Past participle: have/had gone

I go to school; I went to school; I have gone to school


Irregular Verb #5 To say

Simple present: I say, you say, we say, he/she says, they say

Simple past: said

Past participle: have/had said

I say yes; I said yes; I had said yes

Kaplan student at the Rockerfeller Center

Irregular Verb #6 To see

Simple present: I see, you see, we see, he/she sees, they see

Simple past: saw

Past participle: have/had seen

I see it; I saw it; I have seen it


Irregular Verb #7 To take

Simple present: I take, you take, we take, he/she takes, they take

Simple past: took

Past participle: have/had taken

I take lessons; I took lessons; I have taken lessons


Irregular Verb #8 To get

Simple present: I get, you get, we get, he/she gets, they get

Simple past: got

Past participle: have/had gotten

I get confused; I got confused; I have gotten confused


Irregular Verb #9 Can

Simple present: I can, you can, we can, he/she can, they can

Simple past: could

Past participle: have/had been able to

I can do it; I could do it; I have been able to do it


Irregular Verb #10 Will

Simple present: I will, you will, we will, he/she will, they will

Simple past: would

I will try; I would try (but)…

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