Living for less in Perth, Australia with Kaplan International

A warm  Mediterranean climate and golden sandy beaches… Kaplan's English school in Perth, Western Australia is a tourist’s paradise, so it’s going to be expensive right? Actually, no; Kaplan has discovered how to have fun on even the tightest budget in Perth, and we’re going to share our secrets with you.

A visit to Perth would never be complete without a trip to the beach. No one wants to be inside when the weather’s this great and thankfully, taking in Perth’s spectacular coastline is completely free. You’re bound to fall in love with Perth’s beautiful seaside, whether you’re sunbathing, snorkelling or even dolphin spotting.

It’s not just the beaches though; you can also explore natural Australian bushlands on the Munda Biddi bike trail or the Water garden valley and treetop Federation Walkway of King’s park. You can even experience a free Australian barbecue while you soak up the Perth sunshine with your fellow Kaplan English language students at Eurobar.

So what about those rare rainy days in Perth? Well, with free quiz nights at Moondyne Joe’s and a whole world of brilliant value shopping opportunities at Canning Vale market, from clothes and gifts to fresh food, those are covered too. For just $10 you can also fill up on as much tasty Indian cuisine as you can eat at Govinda’s, or enjoy pizza and a pint at the Flying Scotsman English pub.

In fact, you can eat for whatever price you like in Perth, if you try out the delicious vegan dishes of One World Cuisine, where you decide what to pay for your meal. With such an incredible offer, you’ll have plenty of change left to spend on cheap $5 pints and mixed drinks at Carnegie’s on Sundays. The best bit about all this? The free red and blue routes on the city’s CAT buses mean you can get anywhere in the heart of Perth for absolutely nothing.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to be surprised every day by unbelievable prices when you study English at Perth with Kaplan International Colleges.

If you’ve got any useful money-saving tips of your own, feel free to leave a comment to let us know.

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