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5 Beautiful Places to Visit in Switzerland

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30 March 2021
boat on the geneva lake

Situated in the earth of the Europe, Switzerland is full of surprises. Let yourself be tempted and discover the most beautiful places of this European pearl.

1. The Cervin

The emblematic mountain ‘’The Cervin’’ is the most known mountain of the country. It is not less than 4475m height. It is also the logo of many brands such as the swiss chocolate brand Toblerone.  The village at the foot of this mountain is called Zematt. No cars are allowed in this village – that gives it a unique charm. It’s the perfekt place to relax and enjoy the Swiss Alps. 



2. The city of Lucerne 

This charming city is situated at the center of the country. The historic city center gives to Lucerne a romantic and picturesque touch. Tourists from all over come to see the oldest bridge of the world.  Let yourself be tempted by a traditional swiss and enjoy the swiss charm of this small city 



3. Jets d’eau Geneva 

The dancing waters of Geneva’s city are one of tge best loved landmarks of Switzerland. Reaching 140m high, it is one one of the largest fountains in the world – it can be seen even from the air! Take a boat and let’s enjoy the view. Before leaving, don’t forget to visit the international city of Geneva his museums. 



4. The old city of Bern 

Bern is the capital of Switzerland.  This city has the particularity to be multispeaking. The citizens speak German and French. Bern is reputed for his medieval city center where you can find the government buildings. Let’s go for a walk in the Swiss’s capital and see the bears which leave in the middle of city. 


5. Lugano 

The itlalian-speaking city of Lugano is situated at the south of the country. This region between lake and mountain offers a large variety of activities. Whether you come for relaxation, leisure or art – the city will meet your expectations. A stay in Lugano is synonymous with pleasure.



This article was written by Chloe Zulauff, one of our Kaplan International Languages student


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