London Is World’s Most Romantic English-Speaking City

London is the most romantic English-speaking city in the world, according to a new survey of English learners.

Research by Kaplan International Colleges revealed that out of more than one thousand English learners, 38% believe that London is the best place to experience romance when compared with the world’s other English-speaking cities.

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London was deemed more romantic than New York as the Big Apple could only poll 28% of the vote, while Sydney came in third with 9% and Edinburgh finished fourth, with 6% of English learners saying the Scottish capital is the most romantic English-speaking country in the world.

The Big Smoke was particularly popular among Spanish people with almost half (44%) saying that the city, with such loving locations like the South Bank, Tower Bridge and Kew Gardens, was the English-speaking home of romance.

Leah Larkin, Press Office EDF Energy London Eye, said: “It isn’t surprising that London has been voted most romantic English speaking destination in the world. The iconic landscape filled with an abundance of old and new structures makes for a breath-taking expanse.

Tourists may be tempted to make the most of the romantic atmosphere and take a trip to London this Valentine’s Day. With special events planned at London Zoo and the River Thames there is plenty that will fascinate this February.

Kaplan International Colleges has ten English language schools in the UK with three in London. Two permanent centres are located in Covent Garden and Leicester Square while there is also a summer school in Russell Square.

1,213 English learners took part in Kaplan’s “language of love” survey and the world leaders in international education have created the “Is English the Language of Love?” Infographic to showcase the results.

Are you interested in traveling to London? Kaplan has created the 8 Great Things to do in London motiongraphic, which shows the best things to do in the capital, according to our students. Click on the motiongraphic link to join the conversation.

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