New Year's Eve at English Schools in the City that never sleeps

New York's English Schools on NYE

On our journey around the world for where to be for your 2010/2011 Reveillon, we saved the best for last: New York.

There are two major symbols of the New Year: the Westminster Chimes followed by the 12 strikes of Big Ben in London (the world’s most famous clock) and the energy blast on New York’s Times Square! So if you are in New York, there isn’t a better place to be besides Times Square.

Just like the Aussie, New Yorkers also start their celebrations well before midnight, from 4pm people are already making their move to the viewing points, as they start to fill up very soon. At 6pm you have the Opening Ceremonies with the Lighting and Raising the Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball, another New Year’s tradition.

Just before midnight all the lights are switch off in preparation for the countdown, adrenaline built up as the numerals of the New Year “2011” start shining high above Times Square. Following the well-known New Year's Eve confetti release from the rooftops of buildings throughout Times Square accompanied by fireworks display.

Regarding travel, remember that our English School's in New York are in the city that never sleeps, thus, the subway and buses run on a 24 hours schedule. Just be advise that for safety measures there will be road closures in and around Times Square, so no bus for you, and the Subway stations closer to the Square will also be close. Although, these will be open pretty soon after midnight.

Remember: Enjoy, have fun but be safe! Whatever you do, please do send us your New Year’s photos to share with other Kaplan International Colleges’ students.

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