More Than Half of People Learn Languages for Love

A Valentine’s study has discovered that a significant number of people learn a language to improve their attractiveness and impress a loved one.

Research by Kaplan International Colleges revealed that more than half of people admitted that they have studied another language for romantic reasons.

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Kaplan surveyed 1,213 English learners on questions related to language and romance. They discovered that out of the 52% of people who learned a language to impress a loved one, 57% were men compared to just 48% of women.

Furthermore, it was found that 98% of those surveyed thought that having language skills is an attractive quality in a person, while 37% of English learners have used an English language dating website.

Gail McLaughlan, Managing Director of MySingleFriend, said: “These findings reflect some of our own research. People should be proud to show off their language skills, knowing that it’s something that others find attractive.”

Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider, co-authors of best-selling dating book The Rules, said: “Guys and girls love having someone who speaks a second or even third language. It makes them seem like more of a prize and is definitely a plus in the dating world!”

There was good news for Americans as the study showed that the USA is the English-speaking country with the most attractive people. 30% of English learners said that America had the most attractive people, beating the UK into second place with 25% and Australia into third with 17%.

English learners from around the world took part in Kaplan’s “language of love” survey and the world leaders in international education have created the “Is English the Language of Love?” Infographic to showcase the results.

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