What's up in London? Get an inside view on the social program at London Covent Garden

Hello, everyone! My name is Dave Rogers, and I work with the Social Program at Kaplan International London Covent Garden. New students from all over the world arrive every week and I am responsible for welcoming them to London and helping them to enjoy their time in the city!

Some of my friends get very jealous when I tell them about what I do during the week. For example: on Monday, I went bowling with fifteen new students, all from different countries. Unfortunately, I am not very good at bowling. The students beat me very easily. I told them that I played badly on purpose so that they could win, but to be honest, I didn’t...Please don’t tell anyone!

On Tuesday, we went to the Ice Bar near Oxford Street. This is a very special place. The bar, the tables and the chairs are all made with ice. Even the glasses are made with ice! It’s very cold inside, but the people who work there give you a coat and gloves to wear.

The photos that we took are incredible. And the cocktails were delicious!

On Wednesday, students had an amazing opportunity to travel to Stamford Bridge, the home of Chelsea football club, to attend a special question and answer session with Drogba, Luis and Schwarzer! One of our students asked Drogba what he liked most about being back at Chelsea, and he said the Chelsea fans. Everyone agreed – this was a very nice answer!

Thursday was The Beatles day! I took the students on a walking tour of London to visit different locations that are connected in some way to the Beatles. We saw the place where Paul McCartney got married, the house where John Lennon lived, the clothes store the Beatles owned in the 60’s, the world-famous Beatles gift shop…and then, Abbey Road! Some of the students took photographs in the same style as the cover of the Beatles album. We also signed the wall outside Abbey Road Studios, where there are signatures by people from across the globe.

So now Kaplan students are a part of rock n’ roll history. Very cool!

Tonight we have a big party happening at Ministry of Sound. This is one of the biggest and best clubs in the world. Students can buy very cheap tickets from us at school during the day, and then go to the club and dance until 5:30 am! Tube trains start running at this time in London, so the students can go home very easily at the end of the party.

On the weekend, we have lots of things that students can do – trips to Windsor, Bath, Stonehenge, Oxford, Dover, Canterbury and many other places. Students that study here love being in London, but they also like to explore!

So, this is my job. It’s very fun, interesting and exciting, and I love meeting new students every week. Don’t forget to come and say hello during your time at Kaplan!

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