Why Did You Learn English?

People learn English for many reasons, whether they want to work at an international company, travel the world, go to university abroad, or just gain a new valuable skill. Learning a new language opens up so many possibilities in your personal and professional life. Knowing a global language makes it easier to communicate with people around the world, which is ideal when you travel, and really makes your CV shine if you are attempting to move up in your career.

We sat down with a few non-native English speakers, exploring the deeper reasons why they felt like it was important to learn English. As members of an international company, they have to use English in their every day life. But what was their initial motivation for learning the language?



Everyone’s motivations are different, but no matter what your goal, gaining a new skill is always a positive change. Want to learn more about how you can learn English abroad? Feel free to ask us any questions in the comment section below.

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