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7 Types of Videos to use in Your Communications

25 February 2021
Kaplan videos

Kaplan International Languages YouTube channel is a great resource to use when consulting prospective students. You can use it yourself to familiarise with our destinations, courses and teaching methodolody. There are also videos to help students understand the Kaplan experience, hear from real students and even learn some language skills before arriving. 

We have organised our videos in six easy categories, to help guide you and your students to the videos you are looking for. 


1. Light-hearted content | Fun With Languages

If you are looking for come engaging content, which will get a student excited about learning a language, the Fun with Languages videos are perfect. Full of tongue twisters, challenges and tricky words, these are a great introduction to a second language. 


2. Grammar tips for your students | Learning Languages

A popular way for students to practice their English is with our Learning Languages videos. Students can get am understanding of what to expect from their language course and you can brush up on your idioms while you're at it. 


3. Showcases of each of our destinations | Around The World

When students know they want to study a language, they'll often have a country in mind. Sometimes they need more information to decide which city to choose. We have schools located centrally in all of our destinations. Our "Around The World" has videos showcasing all of our schools, separated in playlists for the USA, the UK and Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand


4. Explanation of our products, courses and teaching methodology | Studying With Kaplan

The "Study Travel" sector can be a little complicated to navigate sometimes. There are lots of different course types, study options and teaching methodologies to get your head around. Our "Studying With Kaplan" playlist makes it easy for you and your students to learn about our courses, understand how we work and get to know our accommodation options.  


5. Testimonial of our students and staff members | People of Kaplan

We beleive Kaplan is the best school to learn a language abroad. But don't take our word for it! We have lots of videos from our students, as well as our team, talking about their Kaplan experience. This is great to show a student who is close to booking so they can get a real sense of what excitng adventure awaits them when studying a language abroad with Kaplan. 


6. Collaboration with influencers and other celebrities | Kaplan&co

We collaborate with brands, influencers and agencies to showcase what you can expect from a Kaplan experience, through the eyes of others. Check out this play list and let us know if you have an idea to collaborate. We look forward to seeing you there! 


7. Get excited to study abroad | Kaplan TV

If you are looking for videos that help summarise the whole Kaplan experience, there are lots of great videos we have created in our Kaplan TV playlist. These cover topics from studying abroad in the summer, taking part in our summer camps or acheiving your new years resolution. No matter what the occasion, there will be something energetic and informative for you to use. 


If you want to use any of our videos, or would like to collaborate on a video project together, please contact your account manager so we can discuss what options are available. 



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