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Top 5 Kaplan Documents to Showcase your Favourite Destination

25 February 2021
Kaplan Materials

At Kaplan International Languages, we have a range of documents available so you can help your students make the right decision about their language studies abroad. We have pulled together a list of the documents you have at your disposal during your consultation. 


1. School Fact File / Center Guide

Each of our schools have a fact file (or Center Guide, for Alpadia destinations) that contain everything you need to know about our schools. This includes information about: 

  • Location, contact information and accreditation 
  • The selling points and facts about the school and location
  • Class time tables and example social schedules 
  • Information about all our residences and homestay options in the city

You can access Kaplan's school fact files here

You can access Alpadia's center guides here


2. Accommodation Fact File

Our Accommodation fact files can all be found inside the school fact file. We have pulled these out as individual documents, to help discussions about accommodation options. The accommodation fact files contain details about: 

  • The location of the accommodation and proximity to ammenties 
  • The facilities available in the accommodation - and if there are any additional costs associated with these
  • Helpful information such as check-in / out times and year-round availability 

You can review Kaplan's accommodation fact files here


3. Departure Guide

Our departure guides are helpful information to provide to students once they have booked. On top of some of the information about the school, they include: 

  • A helpful checklist of what to check, pack and have available 
  • Information about arriving at the airport, transfers and public transport in that city 
  • What to expect on the first day 
  • Some indicative costs the students should be aware of upon arrival

You can access Kaplan's departure guides here


4. Social Activities and K+ Clubs Calendar 

All Kaplan schools have a rich program of activities for students in and outside of the school. 

  • Our social acitivities calendar list the different events planned throughout the week. These could be activities hosted in the school, tourist attractions or events happening in their city or weekend trips away to nearby destinations 
  • K+ Clubs are a great way for Kaplan students to practice their new language skills outside of the classroom with staff and other classmates. Our K+ Clubs Calendar will give you examples of what each school provide, including 

You can access Kaplan's K+ Clubs here


5. YouTube Video

Kaplan has a range of videos that can be useful for you and your students: 

  • Videos that show our schools and cities 
  • Interviews with students, telling us about their experience at Kaplan 
  • Fun videos to help your students learn a language
  • Information about our products 

You can view our videos on our YouTube channel here


You can find all of them grouped together in our Kaplan and Alpadia School & Summer Camps sections of our Download Area


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