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English Animal Homophones

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28 January 2021
student with a horse

A homophone is a word that sounds the same but is spelled differently and has a different meaning. There are a lot of different examples of homophones, which can make learning English difficult. 


English homophones for animal names 

We have pulled together a list of animals that share their name with homophones:


Bear or bare

bear - (n.) a large, furry mammal

bare - (n.) uncovered, unclothed


Flee or flea

Flee – (v.). Flee refers to the action of running away

Flea – (n.) flea is a small wingless jumping, parasitic insect.


Soul or sole

Soul – (n.) Soul in this context refers to soul music, which is a style of popular music, combining elements of gospel and rhythm and blues.

Sole – (n.) A European flatfish.


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Guerrilla or gorilla

Guerrilla – (n.)  Guerrilla refers to a member of a small independent group, which typically fights against larger forces

Gorilla – (n.) A gorilla is a great ape found in the forests of central Africa.


Grizzly or grisly

Grizzly – (n.) Grizzly refers to a large North American brown bear

Grisly – (adj.) grisly means something that causes horror or disgust.


Dear or deer

Dear - (adj.) Refers to an affectionate or friendly form of address.

Deer – (n)  A deer is a hoofed animal with bony antlers


Hair or hare

Hair – (n.) strands of protein commonly found on mammals and other animals designed to keep them warm

Hare – (n.) a long eared rodent, in the same family as rabbits but typically have longer ears


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