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How to Talk About Feeling Happy in English

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4 December 2020
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When do you feel at your best and what do you say when you are feeling happy? There are so many ways to tell someone that you are happy in English and even more idioms. Get ready to smile and feel positive as we look at how to talk about feeling happy in English. How many expressions do you know already from the list below?


1. Over the moon

This is one of the most extreme examples of happiness, over the moon means to be extremely delighted… in fact so delighted that you could jump over the moon. 

Example: "I’m over the moon about my exam results."


2. Walking on air

To feel elated and so happy that you could float. 

Example: "She was walking on air when she got the job."


3. On top of the world

Not only does this talk about happiness, but it can also specifically talk about the happiness we get from being successful. 

Example: "He was on top of the world after winning first prize."


4. Jump for joy

To be very happy.

Example: "I jumped for joy once I found out I had been chosen to be in the team."


students jumping all together
Jumping for joy is a popular English expression to describe an elated feeling 


5. Look on the bright side

To find positivity in a negative matter. If you’re an optimistic person then you’ll be able to do this easily. 

Example: "Look on the bright side. At least you won't have to wake up early to go to work now."


6. Things are looking up

When things have not been going well for you, but then begin to improve then we can talk about things looking up. 

Example: "Business got a lot worse after the financial crisis but things are looking up for us now."


7. End of a high note

We can use this in two slightly different ways: 

We can use it to talk about something that has not gone well but finishes strongly

Example: "Even after a bad school year, he finished on a high note by passing all of his exams."

We can also use it to talk about something that has been going well, so we plan to end it before it has the chance to go badly. 

Example: "He decided to end his term as president on a high note before the election next year." 


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8. Having a whale of time

Used mainly to talk about an enjoyable experience 

Example: “Tatiana was having a whale of a time when celebrating her birthday at work!” 

9. On cloud nine

Being on cloud nine means to be extremely happy about something. 

Example: “Tony was on cloud nine when he managed to get tickets to see his favorite band.” 


10. Tickled pink

Meaning: very happy or amused 

Example: "Candida was tickled pink when she won tickets to her see her favorite hockey team!"


11. Happy as a clam

Meaning: to be extremely content.

Example: "Iona was as happy as a clam when her boyfriend proposed to her!"



12. In seventh heaven

Meaning: to be very excited or ecstatic.

Example: “Rachel was in seventh heaven when she got a new job, which paid a much larger salary!”


13. Buzzing

Meaning: when you or the atmosphere of an area radiates excitement.

Example: “Wow, this street at night is buzzing!”


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