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Time Idioms

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30 December 2020
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There are lots of English expressions using time. Your time is precious - which is why we've summarised the most common time idioms into one blog. 


1. Beat the clock

Meaning: To succeed in something before time is up.

Example: “Burcu beat the clock and booked a Kaplan English course before prices increased!”


2. Turn back the hands on time

Meaning: To go back to the past.

Example: “Phil had to turn back the hands of time and wear his tracksuit from the 1990s for a fancy dress party.”


3. Kill time

Meaning: Do something not particularly interesting to pass time. 

Example: “Mike arrived to the party early so he had to kill time before entering the venue.”


students working together in a classroom
Time always flies when you're working on group projects.


4. Once in a blue moon

Meaning: Something that happens very rarely.

Example: “Rob buys a round at the bar once in a blue moon.”


5. Behind the times

Meaning: Being old fashioned.

Example: “Chase is behind the times because he just listens to Simon & Garfunkel all day."


6. Time flies

Meaning: When time passes quickly.

Example: “Time flies at a party because you’re having so much fun!”


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7. Wasting time

Meaning: Doing something with no purpose.

Example: “Hazel was just wasting time at the bus stop playing on her phone.”


8. The big time

Meaning: The top level of a profession.

Example: “Leo made the big time when he was promoted the boss of the company."


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