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5 Reasons why you should study in Montreux

7 November 2022
people walking near Geneva Lake in Montreux

Nestled on the edge of Lake Geneva is the picturesque Swiss town of Montreux – a town full of charm, beauty, and excitement. It’s also home to an Alpadia language school! But why choose Montreux over other locations? 

From the town’s natural beauty to its fascinating culture, there’s many reasons why Montreux stands out from the rest, but here are just five of our favourites: 




1 Small school for quiet learning 

If you’re looking for to learn French in a quieter environment that still benefits from a great central location, then Alpadia’s Montreux school could be the place for you. Based in a stunning building, the school’s smaller size allows for a more personal learning experience. You’ll be able to practice your language skills without the different distractions you might find in larger classes. But don’t worry, you’ll still be able to connect with a variety of students from across the world. 


2 Stunning natural scenery 

Located on the edge of Lake Geneva and at the foot of the Swiss Alps, there are few schools in the world that can rival the natural beauty of Montreux. Whether you’re a fan of water-sports, or enjoy skiing or hiking in the mountains, the varied scenery is a treat for a range of activities as well as a treat for the eyes. Truly an outdoor-lovers paradise! 


3 Immersive social programme 

Alpadia offers an immersive social programme that allows you to practice your French skills whilst also having fun and making the most of the natural scenery. You’ll be able to take part in organized hikes, weekend ski trips during the winter, as well as less strenuous activities including mini-golf and escape rooms in the evening – perfect for bonding with your classmates outside of school! 


4 Home to the Montreux Jazz Festival 

Did you know that Montreux is home to the second largest jazz festivals in the world? The Montreux Jazz Festival is an annual event that attracts thousands of music lovers from across the world during the summer. In July, the shores of this Swiss town host some of the genre’s biggest names and up-and-coming stars.  


5 Dedicated juniors camp 

But Alpadia doesn’t just cater for adults, we also host summer camps for students aged 8-17. We ensure that students receive 24-hour care while they improve their French skills in an outdoor paradise. They’ll divide their days between classroom lessons and exciting social programmes that allow them to practice French in a natural setting while making friends with other students from around the world! 


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