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Adult course options with Alpadia

13 April 2023
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When it comes to learning French or German, Alpadia are truly experts, and while they might be known for their junior camps, they also offer a range of courses for adults! No matter what your students’ language goals are, or whether they want to study online or at one of our outstanding schools across Europe, we have something to suit everyone. 

But what options are there for adults? We’ve created a list of all our courses, as well as the destinations available, so that your students can have all the information when it comes to choosing which program works for them. 


Face-to-face courses 

Your students have the choice to learn either French or German at one of our designated schools across Montreux, Freiburg, Berlin and Lyon (depending on the language). Learning at these schools allows students to completely immerse themselves in their chosen language and practice their skills outside of class. Each of these schools offers the following courses: 

  • General French or German course: these courses cover day-to-day language skills and are taught using a range of dynamic and interactive activities (such as debates, group exercises and role play). Depending on how quickly your students want to learn and how much time they want to spend exploring local culture, they can choose to study for a range of hours, with standard, premium and intensive lessons available 
  • Exam Preparation: passing language exams is vital for students who want to travel abroad and work in certain countries, which is why exam preparation courses are incredibly important. Depending on the school they choose, they can receive targeted training in passing the French DELF/DALF exams, and the German TELC, TestDaF exam 
  • Work & Study: your students will be able to study their chosen language alongside either doing work experience, interning at a local company, or volunteering in the community. Not only is this great experience to add to their CV, but it also allows them to practice their language skills in a professional environment 

Visit our website to find out more about our French courses and German courses. 



Which destinations offer these courses?  

  • Berlin and Freiburg offer the German courses. For more information on what your students can do in these locations and why they should choose them, click here for Berlin, and here for Freiburg 
  • Montreux and Lyon offer French courses. For more information on what your students can do in these locations and why they should choose them, click here for Montreux, and here for Lyon 


Online courses 

If your students are unable to travel because they have prior work/family commitments, then they can always study our courses online. They’ll be able to learn French or German in a virtual classroom with other students and with an accredited Alpadia teacher, enjoying fun, interactive lessons that focus on listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. Your students will be able to interact with their teacher in real-time (perfect for asking questions and getting feedback), as well as access to our student support services. 


Pathways Programs

Academic Pathways 

Germany is home to a range of top universities and is the technological hub of Europe, so it’s no surprise that international students want to study there. But of course, moving to Germany and applying to their universities isn’t easy, which is why we’ve created our Academic Pathways program, which offers step-by-step guidance from start to finish, including help with visas, accommodation, and passing language exams. 

Visit our website to find out more. 

Career Pathways 

If your students are ready to go straight into work and want to benefit from Germany’s open job market, then we also offer a Career Pathways program, which again assists students from start-to-finish, or at least until they find a job. We’ll help your students with their CV and help them practice their German skills for job interviews, as well as assist in relocating any family members. What more could they want? 

Visit our website to find out more. 


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