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Why add French and German to your Language Offering

25 February 2021

There are many advantages to having French and German in your portfolio. French and German strengthen your portfolio and position you as a provider with a wealth of options for your customers. It also helps you reach a wider range of students and give you more opportunities. 

Pursuing certain careers require German and French 

If you have students that are career focussed, having French and / or German on their CV will put them at an advantage.

  • Knowing French can open up doors in tourism, hospitality and diplomacy. With France being seen as a country that specialises in "good taste", being able to speak French is a great advantage if you are persuing careers such as sommiliere, fashion or fine dining.  
  • German is in high demand in engineering, care manufacturing and aerospace. It can also be helpful for careers in music and the arts. 


Domestic demand

There are a lot of countries that speak French and German outside of the "mother countries".

  • Swiss students need to learn both French and German but are often stronger in one or the other. 
  • There is a lot of demand for French speakers in Canadian goverment roles, with a lot of work in admistration, diplomacy and communications requiring French speaking as a requirement. 
  • French is one of the main languages in the European Union, with their head quarters in Brussels, Belgium. 


The junior market is large for other languages that aren't English

There is a lot of deman for language camp options outside of English speaking destinations. In times when traveling abroad might be difficult, a lot of parents consider sending students to nearby countries. This still offers their child an exciting break in another country and helps them make the most out of their school break. We have camps in France, Germany and Switzerland, offering French, German and English. 


A lot of the students who study French and German will already know a second language. French and German can be a great option for your customers who want another challenge, are looking to broaden their prospects or even just live in a different city. 


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