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Why choose Alpadia Pathways?

23 February 2023
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Moving to Germany as an international student is hard, especially when you’re trying to find a job or apply to a local university – which is why Alpadia has created a range of Pathway programs, designed to help your students realize their dream of living and thriving in one of the most dynamic and exciting countries in Europe! 

Want to learn more about why your students should choose Alpadia Pathways? Just see our list below: 


1. Help with entry to top German universities 

If your students need help applying to some of the best German universities in the world, we can help! Through our Academic Pathways program, we provide prospective students with the necessary skills to apply to a German university. Depending on their academic background, we either help them with their application and C1 in German, or we help them apply for a Studienkolleg (preparatory year) to help improve their mathematic and language skills before moving onto university. 


2. Help applying for jobs in Germany 

If they would rather apply directly for jobs in Germany, then our Career Pathways program is also available. We help your students enter the German job market with ease: providing immersive language lessons that target business vocabulary, help with writing and upgrading your CV and cover letter, and practice interviews in German. We support our students right up until they land their dream job in Germany. 


3. Help with EVERYTHING 

But we don’t just help with organizing language lessons, we help with everything – well, almost everything. We will help organize your students’ flights, help them find somewhere to live, help with visa applications, help with relocation family/children, and most importantly – we assist with integrating your students into German life: such finding long-term accommodation and securing a residence permit. 


4. Why Germany? 

With its low living costs and a thriving economy, Germany is an excellent place for international students to study and work. Regardless of their nationality, Germany offers free-of-charge education at public universities and low-cost education at private universities, as well as an 18-month job-seeker visa upon graduation. It is also a world-leader in technology and science, which combined with an open job market, makes it an attractive place for those wanting to further their careers. 

5. Stunning German locations 

Your students will have the option to choose whether to join the Pathways course in Berlin – the capital of Germany, and a hub for the country’s latest technological, music and fashion trends – or Freiburg – a stunning city located on the edge of the Black Forest and a pioneer in sustainable energy. No matter what sort of experience your students are after, we can help! 


Interested in learning more about Alpadia Pathways? Check out our website for more information. 


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