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Why choose a summer camp to learn a language?

8 February 2023
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It’s a truth universally acknowledged that young people love to complain about going to school – and getting them to engage and enjoy vital academic subjects is a challenge every teacher faces. But our Alpadia and Kaplan summer camps are the exception. With project-based learning, a relaxed environment and plenty of outdoor fun, your students (aged between 8-17) will be able to improve either their English, French or German skills and have a summer to remember at the same time! 

So, what is it exactly that makes our camps stand out from the rest? Here are just some of our favourite reasons: 


1. Exciting destinations 

Every one of our camps are located across some of the most beautiful and exciting areas in Europe. Want to improve your students English in the capital city of England? We’ve got them covered. Want to go skiing or hiking in between learning French or English in our Swiss Alps camps? We can also provide them with that. We have schools across Berlin, Freiburg, Paris, Leysin and London, so we’re confident that we can meet your student's language goals and needs. 


2. Outdoor activities 

With such a great range of outstanding locations, we do our best to make the most of the natural surroundings – whether that’s exploring the nearby city or enjoying sports such as football, hiking or swimming. We promise that your students won’t be trapped in a classroom all summer – they’ll be outside putting their newfound language skills to the test while having fun and making new friends! 


3. Cultural excursions 

In keeping with making the most of the location, we also arrange for students to visit local landmarks, museums, and exciting places of interest. Not only they will enjoy shopping trips and sports, but they’ll also get to explore the best of what that destination has to offer, all while developing their language skills! 


4. Bespoke curriculum  

Our students benefit from a bespoke curriculum designed specifically for juniors. Your students will practise their speaking, grammar, listening, reading, and writing skills, as well as learn new vocabulary. They’ll also get to enjoy a special Project Language module that gets students working together on their own creations, including producing videos, writing comics, directing plays and more. Who said learning can’t get be fun? 


5. New friends! 

One of the best parts of this whole experience (other than learning a new language) is that your students will get to form friendships with other students from around the world! From the classroom to the football pitch, they will be kept in good company. 


6. Package options 

Now for the part that parents care about most: cost! One of the best things about Alpadia and Kaplan summer camps is that we offer all-inclusive packages, which makes the whole process nice and easy. Our packages include tuition fees, accommodation, social activities, and all meals! There is an option to pay extra for premium activities, however this is entirely optional. 


Are you interested in learning more about our summer camp destinations? Visit our websites Kaplan and Alpadia to find out how you can give your students the summer of a lifetime today.


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