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Why learn French abroad with Alpadia?

14 March, 2023
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There are so many reasons to learn French – to further your studies, to improve your work opportunities in France or other French-speaking countries, or to simply reconnect with your heritage. Whatever the reason, it’s important that your students choose a language school they can trust to deliver results. With Alpadia, they’ll not only receive quality in-class tuition, but they’ll also get to embark on a language adventure – with a big emphasis on adventure. 

Here are just five of our favorite reasons why your students should study French with Alpadia: 


1 Immersive learning 

With Alpadia, your students will benefit from immersive learning, which means they’ll be living the French language their entire trip. In addition to class-based lessons, they’ll also be able to practice their French skills when socializing with friends, or when buying lunch. Every experience is an opportunity for learning and will ensure that your students advance and improve at the fastest rate possible. 


2 Explore great destinations 

A crucial part of our immersive learning experience is having students travel to our one of schools across France and Switzerland. Whether they decide to study in Lyon or Montreux, they’ll be able to explore their chosen destination, and discover the unique culture and heritage that makes each location so special. Whether they decide to take part in our exciting social program, or organize trips themselves, your students will have the opportunity to attend festivals, local landmarks, national parks, museums and of course, sample the delicious local cuisine! 


3 Get help passing language exams! 

One of the many different courses we offer includes Exam Preparation – a course that is designed specifically to help students looking to pass the DELF/DALF language exams. Passing these exams gives students the opportunity to apply to French universities and potentially start their dream life in France. This four-week course gives students the tools and confidence they need to pass by using practice exam papers and questions to prepare them for the real thing.  


4 Courses to suit all needs 

But that’s not all! Alpadia also offers a range of courses to help students reach whatever French language goal they have. Some of our most popular courses include the General French course, which is perfect for those looking to cover a broad range of topics including grammar and listening, whilst having enough time in the week to travel and explore. For students who want to learn quickly, there’s the Intensive French course, and for those who are not able to travel, we also have online courses! 

We also offer work experience, work internship and volunteering programs, alongside language courses, so that students can get real-life experience using their French skills in a professional setting. It doesn’t get more hands-on than this! 


5 Unforgettable experience 

Most of all, your students will have an unforgettable experience that they will remember forever. They’ll make lifetime friends from across the world, take part in trips and excursions that they’d previously only dreamed of, make memories to look back on for the rest of their lives, and of course, learn a new language. At Alpadia, our students don’t just leave with a certificate, they also leave with new doors opened to them, and new opportunities to achieve their professional – and personal – dreams. 


Want to learn more about how studying French with Alpadia could be the best thing for your students? Check out our website here.


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