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5 cool things to do in Boston

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19 June 2023

The US city of Boston is an intellectual hub full of fascinating landmarks and attractions that are just waiting to be discovered – hopefully by your students! With Kaplan’s new Boston school opening in June 2023, your students will be able to study in style as they explore the city that gave birth to the American Revolution. Your students will learn in spacious and modern classrooms, enjoy exclusive study areas, and benefit from a fantastic location in Downtown Boston.  

But what about when they’re not studying? What do your students do then? Here are our top five things to do in Boston: 


1. Freedom Trail 

As the birthplace of the American Revolution, Boston is full of fascinating historical landmarks and museums that will transport your students back to the 1700s (but not in a gross way).  The Freedom Trail is a path that starts at Boston Common, and four kilometers later ends at the Bunker Hill Monument. Along the way, your students can explore amazing sights such as the Massachusetts State House, the Old State House, and Paul Revere’s House. Learning about the city’s rich historical past has never been easier. 

And guess what? Our new Boston school is located right along the Freedom Trail. Your students can just hop from their language classes straight to an immersive history lesson in a matter of minutes. How many schools can offer you that? 


2. Back Bay 

Located in Downtown Boston, this dynamic neighborhood is full of breathtaking Victorica architecture, stunning views of the Charles River, glamorous shops, and many exciting, high-end restaurants. If your students appreciate fine dining and want to be surrounded by beautiful things, then this neighborhood is a must-visit. Just picture spending Saturday exploring all the envy-inducing boutiques and then relaxing with a cocktail at a bar overlooking the river and the Boston skyline – heaven! 


3. Sports games 

Sports are a big deal in Massachusetts, and Boston is no exception. The city is home to several big teams across baseball, basketball, ice hockey, and American football. If your students are into sports (or just want to experience the city’s community experience) then they won’t be short of choice – they can watch the Red Sox (baseball), The New England Patriots (American football), or watch the Celtics (basketball). Fun fact: did you know that basketball was founded in the state of Massachusetts? Now your students have to visit! 


It’s time to get planning!

Get ready for your life-changing trip with Kaplan. 


4. Visit universities 

If there’s one thing Boston is known for – other than the American Revolution – it’s being brainy. The city is home to around 80 universities and colleges, including the iconic and prestigious Harvard University and MIT (The Massachusetts Institute of Technology), so it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most popular destinations for students in the United States. In fact, there are more students per square foot in Boston than in any other city in the Western Hemisphere! Why don’t your students join them? 


5. Relax in many green spaces 

Did you know that Boston is home to America’s first public park? Boston Common (which you might already know as one end of the Freedom Trail) is both beautiful and full of history – and located close to the school. But that’s not all! Other schools that are close include the Rose Kennedy Greenway, the perfect place to spend your lunch break or enjoy a nice stroll after class! For something a little more thrilling there’s the Charles River Esplanade, where students can rent sailboats and kayaks at the weekend! 


Boston is a treasure trove of history and culture that offers deep insight into how America was founded and the principles upon which it was built – it's the original blueprint! Your students will have the adventure of a lifetime exploring this city, and with our new school offering them the chance to study in style, this is one deal they won’t regret.  

Want to learn more about our Boston school? Visit our website today.


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