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5 Reasons why your students should learn English online

25 January 2023

English is one of the most popular languages to learn in the world – and with good reason! It is the most widely used language on the internet, in the business world, and is the official language of the United Nations. Becoming proficient in it can create new opportunities in both your country of residence and abroad! Start your students’ English journey today and let them learn no matter where they are with an online course. 

There are many great reasons why learning English online can be the right choice for your students, but here are some of our favorite reasons why they should give it a try: 


Learn no matter where you are 

With Kaplan Online English, your students don’t have to worry about missing the bus to school early in the morning – those days are history (we hope)! No matter where they are, all they have to do is turn on their computer and let us teach them! Our biggest aim is to help your students reach their language goals, and with our online classes, this process has never been more convenient!  


Make studying fit around your schedule  

Everyone has their own individual targets and reasons for wanting to learn English: sometimes it’s because they want to improve their professional opportunities, or apply for new jobs abroad, or impress their current boss with well-written emails and reports – we understand, everyone’s got bills to pay! With our online English programs, your students can continue working their day-job, whilst also attending classes online. They start and stop any time they want! 

This flexible method of learning also works great for those who have childcare obligations, or who just lead very busy lives! One of the biggest assets of taking an online course is that students can choose how much or how little they want to study, which means they can improve at their own pace and attend classes that fit around their schedule. 


Save money 

There’s no denying that online courses do cost money – however, compared to an in-person course, it’s still less! When students travel abroad to study there are various costs to consider – flights, accommodation, food, money for trips and excursions – and it can add up quickly. If improving their English skills is at the forefront of your students’ goals, but they’re also on a bit of a budget, then these online courses will make sure they don’t break the bank on the pursuit for knowledge.  


Take part in interactive lessons 

When your students sign up to Kaplan Online English, they don’t need to worry about receiving a second-rate education. Our accredited teachers use the same curriculum and learning materials as our in-person schools, and your students can interact with them and receive live feedback in real time! To help develop your students’ language skills further outside of class, we also provide additional resources online such as K+ Extra and K+ Learning Space. They really won’t miss out at all! 


Join an online community!  

You might think that one of the biggest downsides of learning online is the lack of social interaction – but not with Kaplan! If your students want to connect with other like-minded individuals from across the world, we host regular online social activities that allow students to have fun with their classmate and practice their English skills in a relaxed environment. 


Interested? If you want to help your students take that first step to changing their life by learning English online, then find out how on our website here 


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