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5 things your students can experience in London

28 February 2023
Kaplan English School London - Photo Gallery 14

What do you think when you hear “enjoy a British experience in London”?  

Do you picture learning magic like Harry Potter? Or having a cream tea every afternoon? Maybe it’s a luxurious boat ride down the River Thames? No matter what your students like, we promise they’ll get to experience a range of exciting activities when they study at our London 30+ school, located near London Bridge.  

Here are just five of our favorite things to do in London! Let's explore with Kaplan! 

1. Experience magic 

Calling all Harry Potter lovers! It takes around 20-minutes from our school to get to Kings Cross station by tube, where students can then take a photo at the iconic 9¾ platform. Alternatively, they can also walk just 10-minutes to get to the famous Leadenhall market! This market was a famous filming location during the movies.  


2. Afternoon tea 

It takes 12-minutes by tube from school to one of the most famous cream tea places: The Ritz. For a royal experience, try Earl Grey tea, which was apparently Queen Elizabeth’s favourite. Whatever the Queen ate for her morning or afternoon tea, she always “washed down with a delightful steaming hot cup of Earl Grey tea”. Even if you don’t like tea, you can still enjoy the copious amounts of delicious scones and cakes that accompany the beverage – we couldn’t think of anything more sophisticated! 


3. Visit 221B Baker Street  

If you’ve got any students who think they might be budding detectives, they’ll revel at the chance to visit one the most famous addresses in London: 221B Baker Street. Just 20-minutes from the by tube, your students can also visit the Sherlock Holmes Museum and make a request to the best detective in the world.  


4. Thames River cruise tour  

Is there a more fun way to explore London than by boat?  

From the comfort of the sightseeing boat, your students will be able to see many of London's most famous buildings and cherished landmarks, including the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Shakespeare's Globe, the Tate Modern, Cutty Sark, and The Shard. 

5. Kaplan London Bridge school 

Don’t forget about our fantastic brand-new school in London Bridge!  

This school is only for students aged 30 and over, so they can study English and Business course with like-minded classmates. In-between lessons, we also host networking events and arrange lectures from a range of speakers to really help your students understand London’s professional landscape. 


What will be your students' London experience? Visit our website to learn more and give your students a fantastic adventure with Kaplan! 


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