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6 Things your students need to know about Boston

7 December 2022
Kaplan English school in Boston - Photo Gallery 11

When it comes to learning English in the US, where better to study than in one of the country’s academic hubs? Although it’s home to the iconic Harvard University, Boston is more than just an intellectual center for free thought and theories – it also has fantastic food, enviable architecture, and a rich and poignant history. We could go on and on about why you should study in Boston, but it might be easier to tell you six of our favourite reasons:



Brand new Kaplan school location!  

We are excited to announce that our Kaplan school in Boston will be moving from its current location to 11 Beacon Street in the historic downtown area of the city. You’ll be able to stroll along the cobblestone streets of Louisburg Square, Mt. Vernon Street, and the very narrow and much-photographed Acorn Street. Be sure to meander down the shopping hub of Charles Street and browse the boutiques and antique shops. Don't forget to get a closer look at the nearby State House, with its beautiful and iconic dome. 


A center of American history  

As the birthplace of the American revolution, you’ll be surrounded by significant historical sights while you study – even our school is right by the Freedom Trail! Boston’s iconic colonial-style architecture and Victorian brownstone buildings are a testimony to its rich history, and there’s no shortage of museums for students to explore and learn about this pivotal moment in American history. 

For students looking to get an alternative view of Boston’s history, there’s also the Black Heritage Trail and the Irish Heritage Trail. With 20% of the Boston population made up of Irish American, the city hosts one of the biggest St. Patrick’s Day parades in the world, and there are more Irish bars in Boston than any other US city, so you’re sure to have a good craic. 


Academic heaven  

Known throughout the country for its intellectual prowess, it’s easy to see why Boston has a reputation for academic excellence. With 80 universities and colleges, including the prestigious Harvard University and MIT (The Massachusetts Institute of Technology), it is one of the most popular destinations for students in the United States. In fact, there are more students per square foot in Boston than any other city in the Western Hemisphere!  


Excellent food options  

Due to its position on the New England coast, Boston’s local cuisine largely consists of fresh seafood, with the city (and state) particularly known throughout the country for its iconic clam chowder (or ‘chowdah’) and buttery lobster rolls. It makes your mouth water just thinking about it! If you’re into seafood, this city is must-see. 


Sports and water sports galore!  

If you’ve ever seen an American film or sitcom, you’ll know that Bostonians are often depicted as sports fanatics, and as a whole, this stereotype is accurate! Watch The Patriots play football, or The Celtics demolish the basketball court, and you’ll see for yourself how passionate the locals are about their teams.  

If you yourself want to get physical, you can always try your hand at paddleboarding or canoeing on the Charles River. 


So many green spaces! 

Since Boston is home to America’s first public park, you just know that the city is full of beautiful green spaces to relax in. Close to the Kaplan school, there’s the Rose Kennedy Greenway, the perfect place to spend your lunch break, or to enjoy a nice stroll after class! The park also hosts events, festivals and occasionally has food trucks!  

The Charles River Esplanade is another nearby park and offers stunning views of downtown Boston. Like the Greenway, the esplanade has so many great events! There’s even Community Boating, where students can rent sailboats and kayaks to enjoy a nice boating excursion on the Charles! 


Interested in learning more about our Boston school? Click here to ask an advisor and discover all our courses and residences in Boston and in the USA


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