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Why choose our Junior Programs in Bath & Torquay?

17 April 2023
students playing soccer in bath

When it comes to choosing where our younger students' study, nothing is more important than ensuring they are safe, happy, and getting the most out of their language experience. Our students’ wellbeing is at the forefront of what Alpadia does, which is why our Bath and Torquay junior camps are perfect for students aged between 12-17 years old looking to improve their English skills.  

Learning English should be fun! So, our junior camps utilize a variety of exciting learning tools and activities to keep your students engaged. But that’s not all! Read on to discover more about why your students should choose our Bath and Torquay junior camps. 


Stunning locations 

Our Bath and Torquay junior camps both offer a unique and quintessentially British experience for your students. Bath is a one-of-a-kind city that’s known for its limestone buildings and Roman baths, as well as quirky boutique shops full of vintage and artisanal finds. Meanwhile, our Torquay camp is located close to the sea, and is ideal for students who want a typical English seaside experience – think beach days, arcade trips, whippy ice cream and fish and chips. We couldn’t think of anywhere better to study! 


Stay with local families 

It is vital that the place where your students sleep is safe and comfortable, which is why at our junior camps in Bath and Torquay, our students stay with welcoming, local households that are vetted and approved by us. Not only does this allow your students to really immerse themselves in the English language and practice their newfound skills in a real-life setting, but it also means they can immerse themselves in the local culture too. Each household will be able to offer valuable insights into local customs and traditions, all while ensuring that your students are well taken care of and supervised. 


Exciting social programs 

To make sure your students get a well-rounded experience, we offer a social program that’s both exciting and stimulating. Both camps offer a range of fascinating trips so that your students can explore local landmarks (such as Stonehenge, Kents Cavern, and day trips to London), as well as fun activities including sports, BBQs, beach games (for Torquay) and disco parties. An Alpadia language camp isn’t just about studying in class, it’s also about your students' making friends with other students from around the world and discovering local culture. 


All-inclusive package 

Alpadia endeavors to ensure that every part of the process is as seamless as possible – including the organization. Each package includes all meals, tuition, excursions and trips, accommodation and 24-hour supervision – the only things families will need to provide in addition to the package are flights (families can opt for shared transfers from the airport for an extra fee) as well as pocket money. 


Want to learn more about our Bath and Torquay junior camps? Head to our website today.


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