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How long does it really take to learn English? Lots of students want to know the answer to this question. Different people will learn English at different rates, but when you study with Kaplan, you'll make fast progress. An average of 87% of our students that enrol in an Intensive English course advance their English level in 10 weeks.

In fact, we're so confident that you'll learn English quickly that we offer our Guaranteed Progress promise. On our intensive courses, If you attend at least 95% of your classes and complete all your homework, we guarantee that you'll move up at least one level every 10 weeks. If you meet our requirements and don't reach that goal, we'll give you four weeks of extra tuition for free.* 

Progress your English
Progress Chart

*Guaranteed Progress is available in all of our English schools in US, UK, Ireland and Canada.

If you're thinking of applying to an English-speaking university, find out what further scores you may need with our helpful post about the IELTS Test Decoded. We also offer exam preparation courses for all the well-known tests, IELTS, Cambridge, TOEFL iBT®, GRE® and GMAT®.

Check out the infographic below which explains why you'll benefit from learning English and what you can expect from a Kaplan course.

progress your English

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