Why does the Kaplan method of teaching English work?

Not all English language programs are created equally. While some classroom systems are focused on memorization and repetition, research has proven that students learn better in a collaborative and engaging classroom, where students can work together. Kaplan has done extensive research and testing on teaching English as a foreign language in the most effective way for our students.

"Regardless of the subject matter, students working in small groups tend to learn more of what is taught and retain it longer than when the same content is presented in other instructional formats."

Barbara Gross Davis, Collaborative Learning: Group Work and Study Teams

This knowledge, along with other important lessons from our own classrooms, has helped Kaplan create a learning system that allows our students to gain the quickest and most successful English language retention.


Our exclusive learning system

Kaplan International has been building the K+ system since 2008, creating a full educational platform from the ground up. With a combination of the latest (and constantly updating) technology and books created specifically for our students' needs, Kaplan has crafted a full English teaching and learning method to help our students progress quickly while learning practical English that will not only help them while living abroad, but also will help them progress their academic and career goals.


Joanne Roxburgh, the head of academic development at Kaplan International, explains the system. 

"Students feel engaged and motivated and progress rapidly towards their goals. Students who learn English quickly and efficiently and who enjoy their lessons – that’s the perfect combination and that makes us very proud of K+."

Kaplan International English courses and the K+ materials are aligned to the international standards laid out in the Common European Framework of Reference. They have been trialed extensively and their effectiveness has been proven time and time again.


Building student confidence

Through the K+ learning materials, including the latest in educational technology, and with the guidance and support of our experienced and dedicated teachers, students gain the skills they need to become confident users of English in social, every day, work and academic situations.

"K+ follows a ‘blended learning’ approach. That means we take the best of face-to-face classes and combine it with all of the opportunities of online learning."

To show you exactly what this means, we are giving you a peek into the Kaplan International classroom. Meet two of our teachers, see classrooms in action and find out exactly what it's like to be learning English with Kaplan.

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