K+ Teaching Methodolgy

Expert teachers. Total immersion. Sophisticated language tools.

The best way to learn a language

Our students learn not just in the classroom, but out in the world through adventure and experience.

At Kaplan we’ve always believed that immersion backed up by expert teaching is the most effective way to learn a language. We achieve our results through integrating the best of modern teaching methods with the life-enhancing experience of learning by exploring the world.

Our exciting activities and excursions are not just a fun extra; they are an integral part of the learning journey. Our approach enhances the benefits of immersion by placing you in direct contact with the living language in a fun and exciting way.

By helping you discover the amazing attractions of your host country, we provide a focus for practice, discussion and debate, as well as greater insight into an English-speaking culture.

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Guaranteed progress
Advance at least one level every 10 weeks
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Real English
Project based learning using the Cambridge framework
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Our teaching methodology: K+

Our schools offer a seamless blended learning system, integrating the power of full immersion, the best of modern teaching methods, and a sophisticated curriculum you can access wherever you are. K+, our unique package of books, online resources and clubs was designed by an international team of experts to help you learn fast – in the classroom, on the move, and at home.


Track your grades, search the grammar catalog and receive instant feedback on online activities, games and quizzes


Explore the key areas of language with interesting topics and exercises based on real-world scenarios


Socialize and practice your English skills at the same time with teacher-led study clubs


Tailor your online studies to suit your individual strengths and weaknesses with interactive questions, videos and audio examples

Take a closer look at K+ Extra

K+ Extra is part of our online learning package - allowing you to keep working on your English outside the classroom.