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5 Cool places your students can go in Vancouver

15 February 2023
girl biking around Vancouver

If your students want to learn in a city that combines active weekends hiking mountains, shopping for the latest fashion downtown, and searching for the best harborside restaurant to eat at in the evening, then Vancouver is place to be.  

As one of the most beautiful, modern and eco-friendly cities in the world – the question isn’t why your students should visit Vancouver, but rather why are they not there right now?! But we understand they might need some more information, so here are five of the best things your students should do when they study in Vancouver: 


1. Travel to other nearby cities! 

One of the best things about studying with Kaplan Vancouver is that your students can easily travel to great cities in the nearby country of America! They can enjoy weekend trips to the sunny and sandy Santa Barbara or get a cup of artisanal coffee from the cool city of Seattle, which is just on the other side of the border. 

Make sure your students get the most out of their trip when they study with Kaplan. 


2. Get outdoors! 

Despite being a modern metropolis, Vancouver is also a haven for outdoor lovers as it’s surrounded by an abundance of natural beauty – including many mountains, beaches, and natural parks. If your students enjoy hiking – or even skiing in the winter months – they can easily get away from the city and take part in these activities on iconic mountains such as Grouse Mountain, Whistler, or the Rocky Mountains. For a day exploring the Canadian woods, there’s the Lynn Canyon Park, and for those brave enough, there’s also the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. 

If your students study with Kaplan, we can help point them in the right direction, or else they’re welcome to join one of the many trips we organize for those who want to explore the wilderness! 


3. Whale watching 

Whale watching in a city? Impossible? Not in Vancouver! In addition to the nearby mountains, the city is also located by the coast, and as such, is often visited by some of the most magnificent mammals on earth – humpback whales! Students are welcome to enjoy boat rides led by expert whale enthusiasts who know exactly where to get the best shot... just be careful, you might get wet! 


4. Explore Gastown 

No, we’re not talking about a town that smells bad, but rather a 19th century warehouse district full of independent eateries and restaurants! This is the place to visit to get some good food and learn more about Vancouver’s first settlement. While admiring the stunning historical buildings, students can also marvel at the city’s steam clock – one of only a few left in the world! 


5. Visit Granville Island Public Market 

Head to Granville Island and discover one of the most famous markets in the area! This bustling market is considered the jewel of the island, and it’s easy to see why! With so many different food stalls selling local staples and delicacies that a must-try for any visitor! For students who would like to really explore everything this huge market has to offer, tours are available. 


We think your students will love Vancouver! If you think so too, head to our website to find out more today. 


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