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5 fun things to do in Dublin

13 June 2023
Kaplan English School in Dublin

As the capital of Ireland, Dublin is full of cultural and leisurely delights that will enthrall and captivate your students. This friendly city welcomes all visitors and invites them to experience the community for the duration of their stay, so you can be sure that while your students stay at our Kaplan Dublin school, they will feel like a local... and will hopefully be speaking like one in no time! 

There are so many reasons why your students should learn English in Dublin (which you can read about in this blog post here) but if you want to know what your students can actually do after/in-between classes, then read on – here are five of our favorite attractions in Dublin that we think your students would love: 


Guinness Storehouse 

You can’t visit Dublin and not have a pint of Guinness – it's the country’s national drink! If you’re students are going to have a pint, they might as well discover the fascinating history and legacy of this iconic stout. Not only will they get to understand and see how it’s made, but they’ll also learn about the importance of advertising and the role it played in the drink’s success. And don’t worry, the ticket also includes a few drinks as well, just in case they feel a bit parched during the tour. 


Phoenix Park 

This huge park has so much to offer that your students could easily do something each week during their stay. In addition to lovely gardens that make the perfect location for a study break, the park is also home to Dublin Zoo – where students can admire a wide variety of animals – as well as the official home of the country’s prime minister and the official residence of the US ambassador! This park is one of a kind, and a must-see for all students.  


Kilmainham Gaol 

Often referred to as “The Bastille of Ireland”, Kilmainham Gaol played a huge role in the country’s bloody path to independence from British rule, and even today, the building has an eerie chill that spooks some visitors. Over the years, it has been home to a number of rebels and revolutionaries, but since being decommissioned in 1924, it’s now an enthralling museum that will capture the imagination of your students as they explore this historical landmark of Irish nationalism. 


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Malahide Castle 

Visit the stately medieval Malahide Castle and its surrounding 260-acres of land and gardens. Explore the elegant rooms of the castle that was once owned by the famous Talbot family and learn all about its intriguing 800-year history. Once your students have had enough of learning, they can relax in the stunning gardens that include a pond, a rose garden, a Victorian conservatory and a butterfly house complete with over 20 species of butterflies! Truly a day to remember! 


Trinity College Dublin 

If your students are looking for some academic inspiration, then they need not look any further than Dublin’s very own Trinity College – AKA the best university in the country. Founded in the 1500s, the campus and buildings have just as much history as is taught within its walls. As your students admire the school that was once home to some of the nation's best poets, philosophers and minds, they might have their own ‘aha’ moment that changes their lives forever. 


students at trinity college


When your students choose to study in Dublin with Kaplan, we can assure you that they’ll have the best time. Not only will they get to improve their English skills, but they will also get to have an adventure of a lifetime. Luckily for your students, we offer great tuition and accommodation packages that make the process of preparing so much easier. Talk to our customer care team today to find out more. 


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