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5 reasons why Torquay is a wonderful place to study

12 September 2022
students in torquay looking at the sea

When students think about travelling to the UK to study English, they often opt for the most popular tourist destinations: London, Manchester, or Edinburgh. But nestled on the Devonshire coast is the picturesque seaside town of Torquay – and its quintessential British charm makes it a unique and underrated place to study! 

Don’t believe us? Here are five great reasons why you need to book your next English language adventure to the beautiful town of Torquay: 


1 It’s a beach lovers paradise! 

Who would have thought that the UK would have stunning beaches?! But Torquay is living proof that it’s true. Not only does the coast of Torbay feature miles of beaches perfect for hanging out with friends, but they also offer a range of water sports including surfing, paddleboarding, and kayaking.  

If you’re a water enthusiast determined to learn English in England, then this is the perfect location for you! 



2 Tranquil place of study 

One of the many perks of choosing a small town over a big city is that you can get some peace and quiet! Imagine uninterrupted weekend lie-ins and the sounds of birds and waves instead of the hustle and bustle of the city – it’s the perfect setting to relax after a day of studying and learning! 


3 Great transport links 

But don’t worry, even if you occasionally miss the hustle and bustle of city life, Torquay’s great transport links allows you to easily travel to places such as London, Brighton, and Bath in just a few hours. The closest city is Exeter, which has great shops and one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the country! 


4 It’s cheaper than the big cities! 

Another benefit of living in a smaller town is that you don’t have to worry about London prices! Both accommodation and activities are cheaper compared to the capital city, and you can easily walk or cycle to most places in the town because it’s not very big!  

So, if you want to a study in a peaceful location that doesn’t break the bank, Torquay is the place for you! 


5 Beautiful Kaplan campus 

Finally, our Kaplan school in Torquay has a vast and exciting campus – not least because it has its own outdoor swimming pool! The grounds also feature an onsite café and there is an extensive social program that makes the most of the area’s natural beauty, with students frequently enjoying BBQs on the beach after class. 

Interested in learning more about our Torquay school? Head to our website and discover our range of English courses and programs designed to suit every need.  


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