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5 Reasons Why Your Students Should Study In Kaplan Edinburgh

5 December 2022
student walking in edinburgh streets

The English city of Edinburgh is known across the world as the capital of Scotland, and of course, as the place famous for inspiring J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter novels. 

There are so many things to do and see in Edinburgh, thanks to its fascinating history and culture. It’s also a lot of quieter than London, so students can enjoy a more relaxed approach to student-life, with beautiful parks, boutique shops and cool bars available to keep them occupied. It’s easy to see why this city is often voted as one of the best for students! 

Luckily, Kaplan has a school in Edinburgh, which has just moved to an amazing new building this year!  

In case you need further convincing, here’s five reasons why your students should study in Kaplan Edinburgh:  


1. Central location  

Our campus is based in the heart of the New Town city centre, close to the train station and numerous restaurants and stylish shops. The city is also home to a globally respected university, as well as fantastic libraries and museums. Our school’s central location makes it easy for students to explore all the sights! 


2. Great social program 

Your students can take part in a fun, Scottish-based cultural social program, including traditional dancing, Harry Potter tours and cosy café breaks! The spectacular Scottish Highland trip is available every weekend and allows students to get out of the city and into the stunning countryside and mountains that surround Edinburgh. 


3. Fantastic accommodation options 

Students can choose to stay with a local family or at one of our amazing residences. 

With a homestay, they can immerse themselves in the local culture – and language.  

With residences, we offer a great deal of independence and freedom for your students to live their own life. They will normally be able to enjoy a nice balanced social life in a residence and meet new friends to discover local pubs together, explore the city, or simply stay at home for a movie night!  

4. Modern facilities 

When learning English abroad, your students will have the best place to study with our brand-new modern classrooms – complete with a self-study centre, a library, a prayer room, and a student lounge and common room to relax with friends in-between classes. 


5. Great transportation to the other cities  

Our Edinburgh school is close to the main train station, so your students are always ready to depart for their next adventure!  They will be able to easily explore other places such as London, Cambridge, and Bath. 

But no matter what they need, our Kaplan school is there to help them if they need any guidance and to make sure they get the most out of their stay!  


Want to learn more about our school in Edinburgh? Visit our website here! 


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