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5 top places your students can visit in New York

18 January 2023
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New York is an incredible city to study abroad – just ask the thousands of international students who travel their for better opportunities and a first-rate education! This international metropolis offers a rich and varied culture, diverse food options, and the chance for your students to make new friends with other travellers from around the world. 

With so much on offer, New York can seem overwhelming to a newcomer, so here are five things close to the Kaplan School that your students should do: 


Explore Central Park 

After a productive day studying, students can head to the most famous park in the city: Central Park. Students can take a boat or enjoy a relaxed stroll as they take in this iconic park and the stunning plants and gardens that surround it. Depending on the weather, it’s also a great spot to a enjoy a picnic with friends! 


Discover the Turnstyle Underground Market

 Covering the space of entire city block, the Turnstyle Underground Market has some of the city’s best bars and restaurants and is perfect for students who want to enjoy different types of food from around the world. This trendy spot not only encapsulates the diversity of the city, but it is also an affordable option for students looking for quality cuisine in the heart of the city. 


Visit Time Square  

Times Square is one of the biggest commercial streets in the city, making it a popular tourist destination due to the variety of entertainment and shopping options available in one spot. Always packed full of people day or night, your students will feel like they’ve just stepped foot into a Hollywood blockbuster. 


Watch a Broadway show 

For any theater-buffs, visiting Broadway is a must! This street in Lower Manhattan has around 50 different shows playing at any given time – so rest-assured there’s something for everyone! Some of the world’s biggest shows started out on Broadway, and who knows? Your students might be the among the first to watch the next big thing! 


Walk Down Fifth Avenue

Take a stroll down the iconic Fifth Avenue and not only will your students find a variety of great restaurants and shops, but also the Rockefeller Center! This large complex consists of 19 commercial buildings where students can go shopping, or even do some do ice skating! It’s a must-visit for anyone studying in the city. 


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