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6 reasons why you should study in Chicago

29 September 2022
Kaplan English School in Chicago

When people think of Chicago, they often picture gangsters, misshapen pizza, and terrible weather – but it couldn’t be further from the truth. This modern and vibrant metropolis has a rich cultural history that makes it a fascinating and exciting place to study. But if you’re still in need of convincing, then here are six great reasons why you should consider Chicago for your next language adventure: 


It’s clean! 

Many cities have a reputation for being quite dirty or full of pollution, but not Chicago! In 2022 Chicago made it onto Reader’s Digest’s ’50 Cleanest Cities in America’ – and has particularly good water quality.  

If you’re after a city that delivers on fresh air and low pollution, this could be the city for you! 


Close to the beach 

Few cities can boast beautiful beaches, but because Chicago is located on Lake Michigan, gorgeous sandy beaches are only a short drive away! This makes the city perfect for anyone who enjoys relaxing by the water or taking part in water sports such as paddleboarding or swimming. 

Is there a dreamier way to relax after a long day studying? 

Chicago beach


Cheaper rent 

Unlike other popular cities such as New York or Los Angeles, Chicago doesn’t suffer from extortionate rent prices. Not only does this allow for a wider range of people to afford a better standard of living, but it also means you have good chance of living more central… right where the action is! 


So much entertainment 

It’s impossible to be bored in Chicago – there’s just so much to do! Not only is the city home to some of the best jazz and blues clubs in the world, but it also has some of the best sports teams in the country! Take your pick from baseball, American football, hockey, basketball, and soccer – there’s something for everyone! 



Known for having one of the most unique and stunning skylines filled with modern skyscrapers, Chicago is any architecture-buff’s fantasy. Surrounding yourself with such appealing scenery – and thriving businesses – is something that will no-doubt contribute to your language experience. 



Rounding off the list must be the many culinary delights available throughout the city. It’s taken classic dishes such as sausages and pizza (Chicago deep-dish anyone?) and made them its own. Now it’s become a gourmet hub of innovative chefs, restaurants and bars that are just waiting to be discovered. 


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