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Places to visit when studying in LA!

21 March, 2023
two girls walking on a beach in santa barbara

California is a magical place... and not just because it’s home to the original Disneyland. The ‘sunshine state’ might be known across the world for its laid-back lifestyle, abundance of celebrities, and for being the birthplace of the latest wellness trends, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg! 

The state really does offer something for everyone, and there’s so much to explore – from breathtaking national parks that will make your jaw drop, to sandy beaches with crystal clear water, to a variety of cities, each unique and incredibly cool. If your students choose to study at our fantastic LA school, they’ll not only receive outstanding tuition and support, but they’ll also have the opportunity to explore one of the most exciting and diverse states in the USA. Here are just some of our favorite landmarks and cities that are a must for any adventure-seeking student: 


San Francisco 

Our school in Berkely is just a bus or short car ride away from the downtown San Francisco, where students can admire the iconic cables cars and the Golden Gate Bridge, enjoy fresh seafood at Fisherman’s Wharf or get spooked at the infamous Alcatraz prison. As a weekend trip, San Francisco is easy to navigate, meaning that your students can easily get a lot done within a short space of time. 


Santa Barbara 

Alternatively, if your students are more into the beach scene, our Santa Barbara school is a beach bum’s heaven! Located near some of the most glorious sands you’ve ever seen, we really can’t think of a better place to play some friendly volleyball, or go swimming, or engage in more thrilling water sports – such as surfing or paddleboarding. If your students choose to study at Santa Barbara, they’ll be able to enjoy these activities as part of our exciting social program! 



Okay, so Seattle isn’t technically in California, but it is close! If your students choose to study at any of our Californian schools, they can travel easy knowing that this trail-blazing city is nearby and uncomplicated to get to. Home to some of the biggest companies in the world (Amazon, Starbucks, Google) Seattle is a city built for dreamers, and the entrepreneurial spirit of its inhabitants can be found in every startup, artisanal market and coffee expert. Of course, if your students love it that much, we also have a school there too! 


Lake Tahoe 

Do we have a school in Lake Tahoe? Sadly, no, but this stunning landmark is a must-see for any student visiting California. Your students can enjoy a break from busy city life and classwork with a weekend away, since it’s just located on the border between California and Nevada. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains and picturesque forests, the clear-blue lake also has little beaches that are perfect for students who want to swim and relax on its shores... heaven! 


Palm Springs 

Your students might have heard of Palm Springs as the relaxation paradise favored by celebrities and LA residents alike. This resort city in the desert offers continuous sunshine and spas galore! This oasis offers stunning mountain views that make you feel at ease without even trying, perfect for students who want to have a chill weekend after studying hard all week. 


Yosemite Falls 

If drama is what your students are looking for, then a trip to Yosemite National Park is definitely in order. Located between San Francisco and Los Angeles in the Sierra Nevada region of California, the granite valley is full of awe-inspiring waterfalls, crystal-clear lakes and an abundance of wildlife – including bears and mountain lions! This national park is a must-see for any nature/hiking enthusiasts... a true bucket list destination! 


Who knew that the west coast had so much to offer! If your students choose to travel here, they won’t just get a language trip... they’ll have a language adventure! All of our Californian schools offer a wide range of English courses designed to suit any of your students’ goals. Check them out on our website here.  


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