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Ready for a Canadian experience in Vancouver and Toronto?

2 May, 2023
girl biking around Vancouver

Canada is a stunning place that’s best known for its love of poutine, its vast and breathtaking national parks, and of course, the friendly locals. And all these things are great (yes, even the poutine), but there’s so much more to this great country than most people realize, and that’s why it’s the perfect destination for your students to improve their English skills and have an unforgettable adventure.  

With our two Canadian schools located at opposite ends of the country – one in Vancouver and one in Toronto – we offer two distinct Canadian experiences depending on your students' needs. So, which one do they pick? Let us take you through them both and explain why each one could be the destination of your students’ dreams. 



Considered to be one of the most diverse cities in the world, there are 140 languages spoken in Toronto, making it the perfect learning hub for international students. This diversity is at the heart of the city’s cultural heritage and is what makes the various restaurants, bars, and local businesses so fascinating and delicious! No matter where your students come from, Toronto feels like home to everyone. 

Not to be outdone, Vancouver also has a great variety of diversity, which allows your students to connect and practice their English skills with other people from around the world. 


Immersive language experience  

Even though so many languages are spoken in both cities, English is still spoken by most people and is the language often used professionally. This means that your students are guaranteed an immersive learning experience that allows them to practice their skills and learn new words/phrases even when they’re not in class! 

But that’s not the only thing they’ll be immersed in! Both cities have strong, individual cultures and histories, and by living in these cities and attending local events and activities – some organized by the schools – your students will be immersed in them! 


Accessible locations 

Canada is a big country, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to explore and travel to other cities – or even countries! Being on the east coast, Toronto is great for visiting the nearby Canadian cities of Montreal and Ottawa, but it’s even closer to the US cities of New York, Detroit, and Washington – for any students who want to take part in an American road trip! 

Meanwhile, students at our Vancouver school have the option to explore the west coast of America, with the cities of Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, all just waiting to be explored. 


Natural beauty 

Both cities are known for their stunning natural beauty, but we have to say, Vancouver might have Toronto beat! This waterside city has mountain views, and easy access to sandy beaches, national parks, and lush forests – all of which are perfect for outdoor lovers! Whether you like skiing, hiking, camping, surfing or just sunbathing – there's something for everyone! 

That’s not to say Toronto doesn’t have its own beauty spots, or at least, is near any. Day trips to the jaw-dropping Niagara Falls are a popular tour of the city. We couldn’t think of anywhere better to get a break from the city. 


Famous landmarks and attractions 

Each city has its own landmarks and attractions that keep visitors entertained throughout the duration of their trip. One of Toronto’s most famous is the CN Tower, where students can admire the city’s skyline – and even enjoy something to eat at the restaurant! Your students can also learn about the city’s provincial history at the Royal Ontario Museum, or explore the restaurants, whiskey distilleries, and iconic redbrick buildings of the Distillery Historic District. 

In Vancouver, students can walk across the Capilano Suspension Bridge, located just outside the city in a temperate rainforest (yes, you heard us... rainforest), or they can explore the world-famous Stanely Park – one of the biggest urban parks in North American – and spend the whole day riding bicycles, or discovering the different gardens; the park even has an aquarium, with over 70,000 different creatures. 


No matter what kind of learning experience your students want – whether it be something urban, or something more outdoor-based – our Canadian schools have something for everyone. Want to learn about these wonderful schools? Contact one of our advisors or visit our website here


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