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Why study in Dublin?

4 April 2023
Kaplan English School Dublin - Photo Gallery 11

If your students want to join a welcoming community that knows how to have a good time, then our Dublin school is the place for them! Not only will they be able to immerse themselves in the English language and watch their skills go from strength-to-strength, but they’ll also be able to explore one of Ireland’s most fascinating cities and uncover its intriguing historical past.  

A city with both beauty and heart, here are five reasons why your students should study in Dublin: 


Kaplan school 

One of the main reasons why your students should study at our Kaplan school in Dublin is because we can guarantee they’ll receive high-quality tuition from expert teachers; they’ll be able to choose from a variety of courses to suit their language needs, including Exam Preparation courses, Semi-Intensive and Intensive English programs. As if that wasn’t enough, they can also choose to take part in the school’s social program, which includes exciting trips, tours and activities. What’s not to love?  

Learn more about our Dublin school here: English school in Dublin | Kaplan International 

Fascinating history 

The capital city of Dublin was first founded by Vikings, and has been at the epicenter of battles, plagues, academic advancements and religious struggles. The city is now a haven for tourists, but the memories of these significant events live on through the city’s many landmarks. Students will be able to tour these beautiful, yet poignant, locations, and discover the tales and secrets this city has to offer. 

Our personal recommendations include Dublin Castle, Kilmainham Gaol, and Christ Church Cathedral... there’s really no better way to learn about the city’s historic events than by visiting the places where they took place! 

Friendly locals 

When it comes to interacting with locals, your students are in safe hands. As a city that is continuously voted as one of the friendliest in Europe, your students will have a blast getting to know the locals in the many pubs, clubs and bars that populate the city. If they need food recommendations or advice on where to go for a weekend break, they won’t be short of suggestions – and it’s a great way for them to practice their English skills outside of the classroom! 

Stunning scenery 

Known as the “Emerald Isle”, Ireland as a country is full of stunning countryside, mountains and coastal shores that will make anyone fall in love. If your students in Dublin wish to get away from the city for a while, they’ll be able to travel to nearby beauty spots and immerse themselves in the natural world. If they want to combine sandy beaches with stunning views, then Killiney Hill is the perfect spot to relax, but if they want something more challenging, then there’s always the jaw-dropping Wicklow Mountains and the Great Sugar Loaf standing at 501 meters. 

Exceptional food and drink 

If there’s one thing Irish people know how to do, it’s having a good craic! And of course, what night of fun and excitement is complete with the very best food and drink? Your students can expect bowls of hearty traditional stews, as well as more modern fare that uses the best local produce and ingredients. To wash it all down, it’s customary to drink either Guinness or whiskey (but not mandatory), and if your students are as fond of the former beverage as we are, then the Guinness Factory tour is a must-visit! 


Want to learn more about this fantastic city and what it can offer your students? Head to our website today. 




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