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Exciting things to do in Montreux

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1 June 2023
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Located at the foot of the Swiss Alps and on the edge of Lake Geneva, Montreux is a town that is never short of activities – there’s just so much to do! However, because of its location, it might seem as though Montreux is only good for visitors who are interested in outdoor activities such as skiing and hiking, and while those are popular hobbies, there’s a lot more to this picturesque Swiss town that makes it an underrated place to visit and learn. 

If your students are looking for a thrilling adventure while they learn French or English with Alpadia, then our school in Montreux could be the perfect destination for them. Here are just some of the amazing events and activities they could experience: 

1 Montreux Jazz Festival  

The biggest annual event that the town hosts also happen to be the second-largest jazz festival in the world! With iconic beginnings in the 1960s (where the likes of Nina Simone and Ella Fitzgerlad graced the stage), the festival has since evolved to showcase a range of music, including some of the world’s best musical acts such as Pink Floyd, Areatha Franklin, Led Zeppelin, and Prince. For two weeks in July, Montreux becomes one of the hottest destinations for hearing great music and having new experiences – let your students be a part of history and make memories that will last a lifetime. 

Find out more about the festival here 


2 Montreux Comedy Festival 

But it’s not just music that Montreux is known for – it also has a sense of humor, or at least the Montreux Comedy Festival does. Hosted at the end of November through to early December, the festival consists of several galas showcasing a range of new and established talents that are sure to make your sides ache (from laughter). For students studying French, it’s a great – and fun – way of practicing language skills, since this event is the largest French-speaking comedy festival in the world! Does learning get any better than this? 

Find out more about the festival here


3 Chaplin’s World 

Did you know that cinematic giant Charlie Chaplin spent the last 25 years of his life just a few miles from Montreux? His huge estate is now a popular attraction and includes a park, a museum, as well as Hollywood sets from some of Chaplin’s most popular films. Your students will feel like movie stars as they explore the grounds of this iconic actor’s former home. If Montreux is good enough for Charlie Chaplin, then it has to be good enough for your students! 

Find out more about the attraction here.  


4 Christmas markets 

Christmas is taken very seriously in Montreux, with the primary objective of the season being to have fun, relax, and soak up every minute of this wonderful time! If your students are struggling to find gifts for loved ones, or themselves, then this market is sure to inspire them. Rows of sparkling stalls filled with homemade trinkets, clothes, and tasty seasonal treats light up the town center, with the mountainous backdrop making it all the more magical. Tell your students to pack their warmest hats and gloves, because this is one winter event they won’t want to miss out on. 

Find out more here


5 Outdoor activities 

Of course, we can’t write about things to do in Montreux and not mention all of the fabulous outdoor activities that are available to students year-round. Its unique location makes it perfect for students who want the pace and variety of living in a diverse town, but who also want the opportunity to go skiing, hiking, cycling, paddleboarding, swimming and more on the nearby lake/mountains. If your students are looking for adventure while they learn, then Montreux really has it all! 


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Who knew Montreux was so diverse? Who knew that it offers so much both culturally and physically? Who knows if it’s the right destination for your students to improve their English and French skills? We do! We know it’s great, and we know that our Montreux school is a great place to study! Trust us – head to our website today to find out more and give your students the adventure of a lifetime.  


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