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Best things to do in Oxford for students

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22 October 2020
students in oxford

Oxford is a beautiful, historic city, famous for being the home of the oldest English-speaking university in the world. In this blog you will read some of the best things to do in Oxford (specifically picked for students) and some insider tips from Kaplan students who live in Oxford so you save money and live like a local!

Best things to do in Oxford 


Feel the Magic in the Harry Potter Tour

It's hard to find someone who is not a Harry Potter fan! One of the first things to see in Oxford is surely the locations where Harry Potter movies were filmed. Follow the footsteps of Harry, Ron and Hermione in a tour around Oxford locations that were used in many scenes throughout the movies, like the Howgarts garden corridors, Knockturn Alley and more. You will get magic wands and hats and you will learn a lot of interesting facts both for the Harry Potter movies and Oxford's history. 


Learn Oxford's History in Oxford University Walking Tour

A tour full of history like Oxford. You don't need to be an Oxford University student or alumni to appreciate how beautiful the Oxford campus is. If you are a language student or studying in another city, you have to see one of the most famous universities in the world. Visit colleges such as Trinity, Herford and Merton and learn about the history and significance of each bulding. The tour also includes popular city landmarks like Bodleian Library where you can find some really old books, University Church of St. Mary the Virgin and more. 



See the T-Rex in Oxford University Museum of Natural History

You have to admit that dinosaurs are cool. Well ,in Oxford University Museum of Natural History a T-Rex is waiting to greet you! This building is impressive itself with unique and beautiful interior. You will find several dinosaur skeletons, dinosaur egg fossil and other zoological excibits. Moreover, you can find a combined ticket for the Natural History museum and the Pitt Rivers museum which is considered one of the word's best ethnographic mueums. 


It's Gin o'clock in the Oxford Artisan Distillery

If you love drinking Gin or you are just interested in learning how it Is made you have to visit Oxford's Artisan Distillery. It is conveniently located in the centre of Oxford. Experience first hand all the steps that are needed to create sustainable gin with a fun and informative tour. Of course, Gin tasting is included in the tour, so in the end you will be an expert.


Oxford River Cruises

If the weather is good you shouldn't miss the chance to take a river cruise. Relax in a boat for an hour, enjoy a glass of wine while watching the amazing scenery and learn historical information from one of the knowledgable guides. 


It’s time to get planning!

Get ready for your life-changing trip with Kaplan. 


Tips for living in Oxford (from Kaplan Students)

Continuing our quest to hear what you our students have to say about our locations, we’ve asked some of our students to give their insider tips into life in Oxford. Here are some of the things they had to say:


Buy a bus ticket for the SmartZone

“Oxford is friendly for everyone. It is easy to find new friends and learn something new there! Oxford traffic is comfortable. You just have to buy a bus ticket for the SmartZone and that’s all. Enjoy your time. You can visit museums and the university.”

Māris Lapšovs, Latvia

With a SmartZone pass, you can use any Oxford Bus Company, Stagecoach or Thames Travel bus within the specified zone. Passes can be bought for a variety of durations, including a day, a week, 4 weeks, 13 weeks, 1 year, and other flexible options. Buy a long-term pass for cheap and take full advantage of all the sights and destinations of the city.


A monthly music magazine

“If you are interested in British music, look up 'Nightshift,' which is a monthly music magazine. You can subscribe to it for free via the Internet and also get information about performances according to the date."

Donggyu Lee, South Korea

Looking for things to do after class? Look no further than this monthly magazine that keeps you in the know about what live performances you can expect around the city. By the end of your stay, you’ll be a master of the Oxford music scene.


Restaurants, restaurants, restaurants

"Regarding restaurants, there are an infinite number (and at good prices) on Cowley road, you will be spoiled for choices!"

Costanza Francescutti,Italy

It’s always important to sample the food culture of whatever new city you find yourself, and Oxford is no exception. Our students were so overwhelmed with delicious choices they couldn’t narrow down their favorites! Crowley Road offers “almost infinite choices” according to Costanza from Italy, all at very cheap prices. Selvaggia, also from Italy, recommended the Bridge and Lava for good music and fun nights and “Buongiorno e Buonasera” for delicious Italian dishes – high praise coming from an Italian!


Want to get a closer look at this historic city? If you are interested in improving your English, find out more about our schools in the UK. Consider studying in our Kaplan school in Oxford or contacting one of our student advisors!


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