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Kaplan City Guide: New York

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26 July 2016
Kaplan English School in New York

New York, most probably the most famous city in the world, has an abundance of things to do, places to see, and people to meet. Here’s an insider's guide – enjoy these top tips by real Kaplan students on the best bits of studying in New York.


Enjoy the outdoor spaces in New York

I like that in New York the stores stay open late and the people are very friendly. After enjoying the beautiful New York view from class, I would enjoy Bryant Park, Central Park, and Times Square.
Dimitri Jean Baptiste, France

With almost every inch of the Manhattan island built up, the beautiful green spaces dotted around the city provide a welcome spot of nature and can shield you during the sweltering summers. Perfect for taking your lunch break with friends or a scheduled stop when exploring the city. Bryant Park close to Times Square, Washington Square Park opposite NYU (New York University), and the most famous, Central Park, are just a few of the beautiful parks you can visit and enjoy.

girl sitting on the grass in New York
Enjoy the green spaces in New York. 


Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

I like Brooklyn where it is more peaceful. My tips for the city would be walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, visiting the DUMBO area, One Girl Cookies, and the Bagel Factory.

Raffaella Rinaldi, Italy

It’s a must to head to Brooklyn, just over the East River, and explore life as a local New Yorker. Cross the iconic Brooklyn Bridge by foot, and go in the early evening to experience the beauty as golden hues drape the city at sunset. Enjoy the DUMBO area, which might just have the best views of the Manhattan skyline, or head further into Brooklyn towards the hip neighborhood of Williamsburg filled with independent cafes, quirky bookstores, cute boutiques, and trendy coffee shops.


Explore all the neighborhoods of the city

I love the people who live in NYC and I love the energy – the traffic, the chaos, the many things you can do in and around the city. Don’t underestimate the other neighborhoods like Queens and Brooklyn, once you come to New York you should be curious to explore the entire city.

Didier Gal, Italy

New York is relatively easy to explore. If you’re traveling by subway, going ‘uptown’ means you’re heading north and going ‘downtown’ will take you south. The streets of the city are laid out as a grid, and if you understand that avenues run north to south and streets run east to west, you’ll be okay when it comes to navigating your way around the city. Walk through the different neighborhoods and see the houses, shops, and characters change. Experience Italian flair in Little Italy, try dumplings in Chinatown, soak up the hippy culture in Greenwich Village, or take a sneak peek at the pristine avenues of both the Upper East and West side. Don't be afraid to head to Brooklyn and Queens – watch a Mets game or visit Gantry Plaza State Park,which was formerly used to load and unload barges, and is now a beautiful waterfront promenade along the East River that gives you unhindered views of one of the most beautiful skylines.  


Enjoy the landmarks dotted all over the city

The location of the school is perfect and I enjoyed seeing the monuments, American lifestyle, and the atmosphere of New York.

Enzo Roma, France

Almost every inch of New York has a famous landmark or beautiful building to visit and ogle. Walk the Manhattan island and take in the bright lights of Times Square, the interesting Flat Iron building, the majestic Empire State Building, and the beautiful interior of the Grand Central Station. Head towards the financial district, see the memorial of the World Trade Center, glimpse the impressive new Freedom Tower, walk down Wall Street, and finish off with a stroll across the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. Be sure to stop off for an iced coffee and bagel – New Yorker style!

3 students in a skyscrapper in new york

Take the Big Bus Tour!

My tip is to take the Big Bus Tour because you get to see all of New York, I also enjoyed the city views from the Empire State Building.

Natsuki Yoshimoto, Japan

If you head into Times Square or any of the avenues immediately off the main strip you’ll be able to buy a Big Bus Tour ticket. These are usually hop-on hop-off and allow you to explore the city sights in comfort. You can get off at any of the scheduled stops that interest you, explore the area, and when you’re done wait for the next bus to pick you up and continue the tour. It’s a great way to see the sights as walking can quickly become tiring and taking the subway (although quick to get to the next destination) means you may miss out on the sites along the way. Why not take a night tour and see experience the bright lights of the city after dark?


Have you studied or visited New York - do you have any other tips we should share? Let us know. 

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