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Kaplan City Guide: Vancouver

19 December 2016
Kaplan English School in Vancouver

Vancouver, set on the west coast of Canada, provides the perfect environment for hot summers spent by the beach or snowy winters skiing down Grouse Mountain. Totally surrounded by nature and one of the most diverse cities in North America, Vancouver is a special place. Our students give us the lowdown on the best bits of the city from must see spots to their favorite hangouts – there is never a dull moment studying English in Vancouver.


Bike ride through Stanley Park

Outdoor activities are the best. My favorite was riding a bicycle in Stanley Park in the evening, appreciating the nature, the city, and the sunset. It’s so relaxing seeing all those things and feeling the fresh air. It was one of my favorite hobbies in Vancouver.

Andrea Garcia, Mexico

Stanley Park is a large urban park where visitors can enjoy beautiful scenic views of the sea with the mountains in the background. It's the perfect way to spend your time, whether you decide to cycle through the many hiking trails, relax on one of the beautiful beaches, or take in the local wildlife. This is what life in Vancouver is about! With long summer days full of sunshine, there is nothing like spending the evening soaking up the fresh air you’ll find in Stanley Park!


Spend winter days on Grouse Mountain

The city is very big and has so much to do so you won’t get bored. I liked hiking and skiing on Grouse Mountain.

Sandra Aebi, Switzerland

Grouse Mountain is approximately 1,250 meters above Vancouver and only 15 minutes from the city center. Ride the iconic Skyride, you'll be treated to a small glimpse of the lush expanse of nature that makes up British Colombia, and once you reach the peak you’ll be met with views over the entire city. Visit during the summer and follow one of the many hiking trails, or in winter when it becomes the site of an alpine ski area. Offering night skiing until 10pm, you can watch the city lights twinkle from high up and enjoy the magic of Vancouver.


Soak up the sun on English Bay

I chose to come to Vancouver because it’s known as a beautiful city where you can go to the beach and climb mountains the same day. In downtown there are different options of delicious food you can eat, plus you can visit English Bay!

Duaa Yamani, Saudi Arabia

Vancouver is a unique destination – both an urban, built up city and one surrounded by sea and mountains. English Bay is one of the most popular sunbathing and swimming beaches, and makes for a beautiful spot to watch the sunset. Spend time here in between classes or after a busy day exploring the city.


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Soak up the atmosphere in Gastown

The city is amazing. I love how you can find a mix between the nature and the city. All of the outdoor activities and views are breathtaking. I love going to English Bay to see the sunset, or to Gastown to walk during the evening.

Wiriam León, Mexico

Gastown is a national historic site in Vancouver and home to a number of independent boutiques, restaurants, and art galleries. Bustling with businesses during the day and bars and nightclubs during the evening – it makes the perfect spot to grab a mid-afternoon coffee, or an evening drink, and wander the lovely cobbled streets.


Enjoy how multicultural the city is...

The best part of the city is learning about new cultures. Vancouver is home to people from all over the world and it makes it a more interesting city to visit and live.

Tatiana Contreras, Colombia

There are few cities that rival the cultural diversity of Vancouver. British Colombia is known for its mix of residents which means a diversity in food, culture, ways of life, and architecture are woven into the fabric of life. This makes visiting especially wonderful as you are not only learning about Canadian culture but you’ll have insight into a number of other cultures too. Did you know that Chinese and Punjabi are the most widely spoken languages after English? There is also a huge community of German, Italian, Russian, and Japanese people – what an amazing mix and what an interesting place to visit. 

Vancouver is a multi cultural city
Enjoy how diverse the city is – meet people from all over the world


Do you know of any other spots that are a must when visiting Vancouver, add them in the comments section below? If you're thinking about studying English abroad then consider Vancouver, we're sure you won't be disappointed. 


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