Pre-Arrival Help

Flight delays and cancellations

I have missed my flight / my flight has been rescheduled / my flight has been cancelled and there are no flights until tomorrow

If your flight has been cancelled, you need to: 

  • If you booked accommodation with us: contact us on the emergency number and inform us of your new day and time of arrival. The emergency number can be found on the booking confirmation
  • If you booked the airport transfer with us: contact us on the emergency number and communicate the new day and time of arrival. Don't worry, the transfer will be at the airport on your new arrival date
  • If you didn’t book accommodation or a transfer with us. If your flight arrives before Monday, you don’t need to do anything. If you are not arriving at school by Monday, inform your Kaplan representative

Medical emergencies

I had a medical emergency and am not able to travel

  • If you are unable to travel, please contact us and if you have booked either accommodation and/or a transfer with us, please contact our emergency number
  • If you don’t have accommodation and/or a transfer booked with us, then please contact your Kaplan representative
  • Please also contact your insurance provider to check their coverage before you travel

I had a medical emergency or felt unwell while travelling

  • Please contact your insurance provider ASAP so they can guide on how to get treatment 
  • If you have booked accommodation and/or a transfer, please call the emergency number indicated on your accommodation/transfer confirmation
  • If you haven’t booked accommodation with us and will not be able to start your course on the booked start date, please inform your Kaplan representative

Flight submission

I have made a mistake about my arrival details on the submission platform, I am only noticing it now right before my departure. Who should I reach?

If one week before your arrival, you are noticing a mistake on the submission platform and if you have accommodation and/or transfer booked with Kaplan, please contact your Kaplan representative.

Arrival and transfers

I have arrived at my destination, but the immigration queue is too long and slow

If you need more time to pass through the airport, please call our emergency phone number and a member of the Kaplan team will help you.

The immigration officer is holding me at the airport

Please stay calm, sometimes an immigration officer needs to conduct additional checks. Please answer the questions truthfully and calmly and show all the documents you have been given by our Customer Care team confirming your booking with us.

My luggage is delayed or lost

  • The first thing you need to do is report this to your airline lost luggage desk
  • If you have booked an arrival transfer with us, please call our emergency number and inform them so we can ensure your driver is waiting for you
  • Please also contact your travel insurance provider so they can support you

If you have booked an arrival transfer and cannot find your driver

  • Please ensure you have followed the instructions on your arrival transfer confirmation and are waiting for your driver at the indicated meeting point. Please wait for your driver inside the arrivals hall
  • If you still cannot find your driver, please go to the information desk and show them the transfer confirmation letter
  • In the event you still do not find your driver, please call the emergency number on your transfer confirmation

How can I identify my driver at the airport?

Your driver will hold a sign with the Kaplan International Languages logo. Only accept a transfer from a greeter holding a sign stating Kaplan International Languages.

When and how can I add an arrival transfer at the latest?

Your arrival transfer should be paid and booked Wednesday before your arrival at the latest.


I have arrived at my destination but cannot find my accommodation address

  • If you are facing difficulties finding the accommodation you booked with us, please check the address and transport information on the accommodation confirmation
  • If you still need help, please contact us on the emergency number on the accommodation confirmation
  • If you have booked accommodation privately, please contact your accommodation provider

I have booked accommodation with Kaplan and will arrive at my accommodation after the check-in time

Please call our emergency number, which is listed on your accommodation confirmation, and inform us of your new estimated time of arrival. A member of staff will guide you on how to proceed as it will depend on the type of accommodation booked.

I have arrived at my accommodation, and I want to change it

  • It is very important that you read all the information regarding the accommodation you booked before arriving at your destination so you can understand what to expect
  • If you still want to change, please speak with the accommodation manager at the school as soon as you can. Changes are subject to availability

What do if I missed the check-in time in the residence?

Call the emergency number.

I still haven't received my host details and contacts, my departure is planned within few days now

We usually send your accommodation confirmation around 10-7 days before departure, however during high season, the accommodation confirmation sent can be delayed. Please be sure you will be receiving your accommodation confirmation before your departure.

What is the check-in/check-out time in student residences?

Please refer to the accommodation fact file for this information. If arriving outside the regular check-in hours, contact your Kaplan representative to see if it's possible.

What is the check-in/check-out time in homestays?

The check-in in homestays is between 15:00 to 22:00. For earlier or later arrivals, please contact your Customer Care representative. Please note additional charges might be applied.

Can I submit my departure flight details online?

If the departure transfer is booked and paid for, then the departure flight details must be sent to the school post-arrival.

Medical insurance

I booked medical and travel insurance with Kaplan; how can I contact them?

Please contact your medical insurance provider via the official contact details on your insurance booking confirmation. Please save these details on your phone and carry the insurance confirmation with you. 

When and how can I book an insurance for my stay at the latest?

In order to add a medical insurance with us, you will need to pay the insurance price on Friday 3PM before your arrival.

School related questions

How do I get to school on the first day? Will my host come with me?

Your host will not come to the school on your first day. However, they will explain how you can get there. You can also use popular localization apps. 

Should I bring my computer on the first day at school?

You don't need your computer for your first day at school. 

I believe my current level is too easy or too difficult for me, how can I change?

  • Please explain the situation to your teacher so they can assess your level and your English skills
  • You can also speak with our academic manager in school

I can't understand my timetable, what should I do?

Please talk to our student services team at the school reception and they will clarify all your doubts related to your timetable. 

I would like to change my course type, how should I proceed?

Please speak with our student services in school. They will be able to explain the different courses available for you. Please note if you are downgrading your course, you will not be entitled to a refund.

I want to change my timetable, how should I proceed?

Timetables are allocated to ensure the best student experience possible, taking into consideration the student’s English level and school operations. If you want to change your timetable, please contact our student services team at reception. Please note changing your timetable is not guaranteed as it will be subject to availability. 

I want to extend my course, how should I proceed?

You can contact our student services team in school or the Kaplan representative who helped book your course. You will receive a new quote for your extension and our team will ensure you get the best deals and offers available. 

I will have to finish my course earlier, who can help me?

Please speak with the student services team in school and they will support you on terminating your course. Please note termination fees apply as per terms and conditions.

I have found alternative accommodation and want to terminate the one I booked through Kaplan; how can I do that?

Please speak with our accommodation team in school and they will be able to support you. Be aware accommodation termination fees apply as per terms and conditions. 

How can I book an official English exam, such as Cambridge, IELTS or TOEFL?

Please speak with the student services team as soon as possible and inform them of your interest on taking an English test. They will support you with how to book but please note the dates and places to sit the exams are limited. Therefore, the sooner you seek our support, the best chance you have of booking the exam on your preferred date.

Am I tested before leaving the school?

Most Kaplan schools test their students after five weeks of studies. If you want to be tested before, please inform your teacher.  

Do I get a certificate at the end of my course?

All Kaplan students with a minimum attendance of 80% will receive a certificate of their level upon completing their studies.

I want to book a specific coming up activity before my arrival at school, is it possible?

You can only book an activity once at school with our activity service. It is not possible to book an activity before your arrival. 

USA Arrival

I have been asked by the school team to send my I94 document. What is it? Where can I find it?

I94 Form is automatically created for you by the US immigration after passing the border officers approval upon arrival in the US. You can retrieve this document online once you are in the US on this website.