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Jump Idioms

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4 December 2020

Who would have thought that there's enough jumping idioms in this world to create an entire blog dedicated to them? We did, which is why we thought to group them all together in this blog. Learn how to use these jump idioms in everyday conversation by checking out the example sentences below.


Jump for joy

When you are so happy, you feel like you could jump up and down.

Example: “I’m so happy about my promotion that I want to jump for joy!”


Jump off the page

Something that is quite noticeable or exciting. It is most commonly used when reading something.

Example: “That was such an eye-catching newspaper advertisement. It really did jump off the page!”


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Jump the gun

To do something too soon. 

Example: “Wait until you’re allowed to leave the classroom. Don’t jump the gun!”


Jump on the bandwagon

To get involved in a trend.

Example: “Are you a real fan of BTS or did you just jump on the bandwagon?”


Jump through hoops

To go through lots of effort to make something happen.

Example: “Hazel had to jump through hoops to make sure her project was finished on time.”


Jump ship

To leave a job or activity quickly or before it is complete.

Example: “The football manager did not jump ship and instead decided to stay with his struggling team.”


Jump the shark

A moment of downturn for something successful.

Example: “The jump the shark moment for The Simpsons was after season nine. It really got worse after then.”


Jump at your own shadow

To be overly frightened.

Example: “You will be so scared after watching the movie that afterwards you’ll jump at your own shadow!”


We told you there was a lot of jump idioms! Which was your favorite? 


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