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The magic of learning English in the UK

28 June 2023
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When it comes to learning English abroad, there are few places better for your students than studying in the nation that first originated the language! By immersing your students in this language (and culture) they will be exposed to different dialects and accents that will strengthen their knowledge of the language. Not only that, but they will also get to discover the rich and poignant history of the nation, and how its culture and industries still shape many international trends today. 

But where in the UK should they study? At Kaplan, we have schools across nine great locations, each with its own distinct vibe and style. Here are just a few of our favorite locations that we think your students will love: 



As the city that inspired J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter novels, Edinburgh is full of charm, character, and stunning historical landmarks (not to mention landscapes) that will have your students hypnotized from day one. They’ll get to improve their English skills while exploring the famous Edinburgh Castle, hiking up to Arthur’s Seat where they can admire panoramic views across the city, as well as relax in one of the many quirky boutique shops, cafés and restaurants. There’s truly so much to discover! 

Our wonderful Edinburgh school is based in the heart of the city in St Andrew Square, close to the main train station. Your students will also get to choose from one of our comfortable accommodation options including the brand-new Mayfield Residences located next to the scenic Hermitage of Braid. Students will enjoy ensuite rooms in cluster flats or studios, catering to your students' preferences for independence or social experiences. With amenities like a communal lounge, onsite laundry room, and utility bills included, your students will want for nothing! 



There’s no telling how much your students will learn when they study English in the UK’s former industrial hub. Alongside enjoying various attractions that pay homage to its seafaring past – such as the newly renovated Royal Albert Docks, which is now the place to go for the trendiest bars and galleries – there are also many great museums and themed pubs that honor Liverpool's musical icons – the most famous being The Beatles. Your students will have a blast exploring the place that inspired the most famous bands in the world. 

To make sure your students get a good night's sleep during their stay, we offer great accommodation options such as Atlantic Point, where your students can relax in well-furnished ensuite rooms with storage and study desks. The residence features communal living areas, kitchens, and outdoor spaces with BBQ facilities for socializing. It's conveniently located just a short walk or bus ride from Liverpool city center and provides laundry facilities and a 24-hour support team! 



When it comes to being ‘cool’, there are few cities that can compete with Manchester. Located in the north of England (not too far from Liverpool) this city has an ever-growing student community thanks to the University of Manchester. As a result, your students will get to meet many other learners their own age, from all around the world – as well as enjoy club, pub, and bar nights specifically for students.  Greater Manchester is also known for its music scene, with many famous UK bands such as Oasis, The Smiths, The Stone Roses, and Bee Gees – so you can be sure that your students will have the opportunity to watch some of the city’s hottest new groups, all hoping to leave the same legacy. 

Ensure your students spend their trip in comfort and style, with our range of outstanding residences including Sir Charles Grove Hall, Piccadilly Point, Lambert & Fairfield Residence, Daisy Bank Residence Mill Point, and Vita. Each offers unique features and amenities to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay in Manchester. From convenient locations to stylish living spaces, our residences provide the perfect environment for students to thrive. Explore our options and find your ideal home away from home in this beautiful city. 



If ever there was a city that embodied England’s strong academic history, it’s Oxford. Home to the world-famous Oxford University, this stunning city is full of breathtaking architecture, green spaces, and museums that commemorate its reputation for teaching some of the world’s greatest minds. Edinburgh might have been the inspiration for Harry Potter, but the stone buildings of Oxford are where some of the scenes in Hogwarts were filmed! Your students will get to live their best lives strutting down the hallways and having so much fun! 

For accommodation that’s just as magical as this city, experience the tranquility of Student Castle, located near the city center and complete with stylish ensuite bedrooms and shared kitchens. Alternatively, immerse your students in the lively atmosphere of The Mews, situated southeast of the city center. Discover ensuite single rooms in flats of four residents, a shared kitchen, and all-inclusive amenities such as WiFi and utilities.  

There are so many great places to study English around the world, but there’s really something special about learning it in the country that originated the language. Your students will get to understand the nuances and regional dialects that no other location can offer, which will further improve their understanding of the language, and thus improve their chances of success. But on top of all that, they’ll also get to embark on an exciting new adventure exploring different cultures 


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