English courses for adults 30+

Tailored English classes and experiences for those over 30
Kaplan English courses for adults 30+

Study English with adults your age

Our 30+ program is ideal for adult professionals wishing to learn English in a dedicated and specialized environment. Study and meet people just like you, expand your knowledge with extra stimulating academic sessions, and practice with likeminded peers. Our Kaplan 30+ schools will help you improve your language confidence, discover thrilling and vibrant cities, and enjoy a range of exclusive social and networking events.

Thriving Student Community
Build an international network

Enjoy an international and professional 30+ environment for adults; we’ve welcomed artists, lawyers, managers... even a former president! Our students come from all types of sectors but their willingness to boost their English connects them all

Exclusive 30+ program

After class, you’ll have the opportunity to join our social program, full of fun and engaging activities. Designed for students just like you, these events are highly recommended as they allow you to practice your English while you explore the city and bond with your classmates.

Academic extras

Advance your learning with the chance to attend interactive and thought-provoking lectures, join conversation classes or browse our Student Hub with more than 500 activities

Tailored Courses For Groups
Specialized classes

Students love our enhanced curriculum, with monthly 30+ Global Connect sessions focused on English for the workplace. It’s a great chance to learn virtually with the other 30+ schools!

Expand Your Opportunities
Levels and destinations

Our New York, Toronto and Liverpool schools offer classes for A2-B2 level, whereas our London school is available for A1-C1 levels. Other levels may be offered if there is sufficient demand.

Who can enroll?

Although most of our students are over the age of 30, you can apply if you’re under this age and want to experience our 30+ style of learning.

Our English schools for adults over 30

Develop your English skills in a professional environment alongside likeminded students, all while exploring amazing cities. Follow our bespoke curriculum — specifically designed for career-driven learners — attend events and extra academic clinics, enjoy social activities with your classmates and unwind in a 30+ environment. You can start at our 30+ schools at any point in the year for as little as one week or as long as nine months. 

London 30+

Located in one of the world's greatest business capitals - with a dedicated program for 30+ students

kaplan english school in liverpool 30-plus
Liverpool 30+

Housed in a thriving capital of music, culture and sport, with a whole floor dedicated for 30+ students

kaplan english school in new york 30 plus
New York 30+

Our newest school, equipped with cutting-edge learning technology, stunning views of the city and a newly built floor for 30+ students

kaplan english school in toronto 30 plus
Toronto 30+

Situated in a bustling Canadian city that's bursting with culture and creativity, with a dedicated wing for 30+ students

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Our teaching methodology: K+

Our schools offer a seamless blended learning system, integrating the power of full immersion, the best of modern teaching methods, and a sophisticated curriculum you can access wherever you are. K+, our unique package of books, online resources and clubs was designed by an international team of experts to help you learn fast – in the classroom, on the move, and at home.


Track your grades, search the grammar catalog and receive instant feedback on online activities, games and quizzes


Explore the key areas of language with interesting topics and exercises based on real-world scenarios


Socialize and practice your English skills at the same time with teacher-led study clubs


Tailor your online studies to suit your individual strengths and weaknesses with interactive questions, videos and audio examples

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