Higher Education

Your academic career will go further with Kaplan International
Kaplan - Higher Education

Your academic career will go further

Many of the world’s most prestigious universities are in English-speaking countries across the world. A degree from one of these institutions demonstrates your ability to thrive in a new environment and will open doors to a promising career at home and abroad.

Our higher education services help you gain access to these universities and develop your English language skills, that will best prepare you for studying abroad and securing your future.

Why should you choose Kaplan International?

Set in spectacular locations from palm-fringed beaches to the heart of New York, our schools offer you dynamic language tuition and the amazing experience of exploring the world.

Thriving Student Community
International connections

Build an international network of contacts and boost your CV with experience of communicating with people from all over the world.

Expand Your Opportunities
Expand your opportunities

Experience the freedom to live, work or study abroad with an official, globally-recognized endorsement of your achievement.

Our Programs for Higher Education

Kaplan - University Placement Service

University Placement Service

Our University Placement Service allows you to benefit from our extensive network of partner universities and colleges. Combined with our wealth of experience, we help you gain entry to graduate and undergraduate courses in the USA, UK, Canada, and Ireland.

A degree from a prestigious university is a great way to launch your international career

  • Benefit from our extensive network of 250+ college and university partners
  • We’ll help you find the perfect degree or vocational program
  • Providing expert guidance through the application process
University Pathways Program

University Pathway

Our university pathway programs help international students to develop the academic skills, subject knowledge, and the English Language ability needed to study a bachelor's or master's degree, while adapting to life and study abroad.

With Kaplan, you can gain a university degree abroad that might otherwise be out of reach, and make a hugely worthwhile investment in your future.

  • Gain entry into the best universities around the world
  • Enhance your career prospects and transform your future
  • 3,000+ degree options at bachelor's, master's and doctorate level
Kaplan German Courses

University Pathway in Germany

The University Pathway program in Germany is perfect for international students looking to develop their academic skills and attend university in a country with a thriving economy and diverse culture. 

Our program helps students meet the necessary requirements in subject knowledge and in German language skills, whilst also ensuring a smooth transition to living and studying abroad. 

  • Low-cost education and an 18-month job-seeker visa upon graduation 
  • Work permit for student jobs during the studies  
  • Enhance your career prospects and transform your future 
  • Multiple degree options at bachelor's, master’s, and doctorate level